How to Learn Ukulele on a Shoestring Budget

How to Learn Ukulele on a Shoestring Budget

  • 30/11/2019

How to Learn Ukulele on a Shoestring Budget



You’ve decided you want to learn to play the ukulele and you’re pretty stoked about it. You’ve spent many days and nights pondering over the songs you’d like to play. You’ve imagined how it would be like to jam with your friends and take your uke to trips on the beach and your favorite camping ground. You have a plan to compose your own songs and record music videos that you hope could get you a multitude of fans in the future.


There’s just one problem. You’re a bit short on cash as of the moment and have no idea how to go about getting lessons.


It sure sounds like a bummer, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have to let go of your dreams or wait until you’ve saved up enough for lessons at your local music studio. You can start learning ukulele today - even if you don’t even have a uke yet. Just follow these tips so you can be on your way!




Start reading

There’s a wealth of information at your fingertips when you go online. Just check out ukulele-centric websites and begin devouring as much information as you could about your instrument: its anatomy, how it’s tuned, how to hold it properly, how to pluck and strum strings and so on.


Familiarize yourself with ukulele chords and scales so you’re not completely clueless. Take note of the terms and what they mean. When you understand ukulele jargon, learning to play would be so much easier.


You can read and study ukulele topics even if you don’t have your own instrument yet. Nothing beats having a real ukulele in your hands to help you learn however, so get one as soon as you can. There are lots of cheaply priced ukuleles that perform very well despite their cost, so don’t worry about blowing your budget.





Check out free lessons

There are also websites that offer beginner lessons for free, and hundreds of YouTube videos you can watch that teach the basics of playing ukulele. Many YouTube channels even show you how to play entire songs! So make the most out of the internet and take advantage of these free resources.


You can even make your own syllabus or lesson plan based on what ukulele sites are offering. Write down the topics and make a list of resources that support that topic. This way, you’re not limited to what a particular site offers, allowing you to broaden your ukulele knowledge.


You can also base your lessons according to your schedule or if there’s a particularly tricky topic you’d like to concentrate on. It’s a lot of work googling, but you gotta be resourceful if you’ve got a shoestring budget. Who knows, you can






Download ukulele apps

Trying to memorize notes and chords? Learning to read musical notes on a staff? Tuning your ukulele? There’s an app for that! In fact, there are plenty of beginner-friendly ukulele apps that can download and install in your smartphone or tablet.


There are even simulator apps that convert your device’s screen into a ukulele so you can practice your notes and chords on the go. Each app has its own set of features, so make sure you do your research and check out what other users are saying about it.


Take note that many apps are free to install but you would have to pay for more functionality. While the in-app purchases and pro versions aren’t that expensive, if you’re on a shoestring budget and are trying to save money you may want to look for another app (or two or more apps) that provide the same features for free.



Those are our top tips on learning to play the ukulele on a small budget. As you can see, you really don’t have to spend much (if at all) to become a ukulele artist. So what are you waiting for? Go play!




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