How to Create a Website

How to Create a Website

  • 07/12/2019

Hi All,

I am sure you all want to promote your coaching business, by having a Digital identity or website.

Today we will share information on what all things you need to consider, to make a good website.

  1. Domain Name – you will require a good domain name like by which people can find, its like web address to your coaching centre


  1. Design – Your website needs to have a modern and attractive professional design which is compatible with mobile phones. 



  1. Professionally Written Content – To make your website more searchable,  you will have to include keywords and make the content, SEO friendly for google to find it.


  1. Coding knowledge – To make your website you will require knowledge of HTML5 and languages like Php to code it well.



  1. Hosting – A Website is required to be hosted on some server, which is a like a big computer, through which it is connected to the internet.


  1. Content Management – As you will be promoting your business, you will be adding more courses, pics or videos of your coaching, for which you need  good Content Management system.



  1. Maintenance Support – You would have heard of hacking of website or code getting corrupted, which requires a technical support person, who can fix your website, when technical issues come up.

So we request you to follow this checklist when thinking about the website for your coaching business, or you can get started with Millioncenters Digital Identity pack starting at 8999 for one year and leave all this work with us.


Feel free to connect with our team of professionals through the Millioncenters App’s Help section or call 9 3 1 9 7 1 0 2 9 9.

With Millioncenters – Never Stop Learning  and Never Stop Coaching


Your website is your digital showcase to the world, just as you keep your coaching center or classes clean, professional designed and managed, it is important you get your website done professionally to ensure you don’t miss opportunity to promote and grow.

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