How to create a marketing strategy to promote your tuition business and attract more students

How to create a marketing strategy to promote your tuition business and attract more students

  • 10/04/2019

If you are a teacher, marketing your services is an obvious step to attract more students.

In fact, it has been proven that tutors who fail to promote themselves effectively, miss out on leads and business to tutors who are smart about their advertising.

So, how can you spend your marketing money smartly and achieve your growth goals?

In this post, we will help you understand the different steps that you can follow to make sure you have  a solid marketing strategy that gets you more students, and ultimately, more business and growth.


How to develop a Marketing Strategy to promote your Tuition business?



Advertising your teaching/tuition business without having a proper marketing strategy is like shooting in the dark – your targets are likely to be missed no matter how many times you attempt to hit them.

Developing a marketing strategy is important if you want to:

  1. Reach out to your target audience
  2. Communicate your services and teaching experience
  3. Generate trust among people
  4. Convert more prospects into students

If you have never prepared a marketing plan before - here are 3 important aspects that your tuition/coaching center marketing plan must have:

  1. Your Target Audience (the people you want to attract as students/learners)
  2. Your Marketing Message (what will you say, tell or show to your target audience)
  3. Your Reach (the different ways your target audience can find you or reach you)

Let’s talk about each of these aspects in detail below.


1. Your Target Audience:




The people you want to reach and convince to book your lessons is your target audience.

Your target audience can include people of different age groups, interests, genders, demographics and preferences.

Understanding the above attributes like – age, interests, preferences and demographics is critical to your marketing success.

For example – if you are a yoga teacher, knowing the average age of your audience will help you understand their needs better. There are yoga teachers for elders, and then there are yoga trainers for women and kids. Which one are you? You must have the answer to this question.

This is important. 

A lot of tuition teachers aim to target anyone and everyone, only realizing that it never works because no two people are same.

Understanding your target audience is important – because once you know the people you want to offer your services to, you will be able to do it right.

Tuition teachers who truly want to succeed and grow their teaching income should know a lot about the people they want to teach.

This brings us to our next step on how to create a marketing strategy for your tuition business.


2. Your Marketing Message




Simply knowing who your target audience is not enough – you must also learn how to tell a ‘story’ to grab the interest and attention of your target audience.

It’s not about ‘what’ you say to your audience, it’s about ‘how’ you say it.

For that, you need to use some creative ways to promote your tuition business.

Good marketing succeeds when you are able to ‘tell a story’ that your target audience wants to or likes to hear.

There are 3 important aspects to storytelling that you can use to grab the attention of your target audience:

  1. Understand your audience: their likes and dislikes, their mindset, their perceptions, their preferences.
  2. Customize your message: if you tell people what they want to hear, they are more likely to hear it from you.
  3. Be Creative: attention is limited and your target audience will only listen to your story if it is interesting, valuable or attractive to them.


Now that you know about your target audience and how to create the right ‘story’ to grab their attention, let’s discuss how tutors can reach their target audience in the right way.


3. Your Reach




Your target audience can be both online and offline. So, you should be present there too.

Every tutor can reach their target audiences in multiple ways and using different mediums.

Broadly speaking, advertising methods for tutors and teachers can be categorized into:


For Offline Audience:

You can reach your target audience in the offline world by using traditional marketing methods like - business cards, pamphlets, flyers etc.

If you have a real estate space for your classes or coaching, advertising on billboards is another way to reach your target audience offline.

Further, you can print classified ads about your tuition services in newspapers, directories and magazines.


For Online Audience:

You can reach your target audience by having a good website that tells people about your services.

A website works like a 24X7 store that is always open for inquiries and sales.

People can visit your website to learn about your services, fees, teaching style and other important details before they contact you.

To reach students online there are methods like – Search engine optimization (SE0), Social media marketing (SMM) and Search Engine ads (PPC) are popular ways you can attract students who are searching for tutors online.

Thus, having a social media profile is a must in the digital age. However just having a Facebook page isn’t enough. You also need content that tells a story and informs people about your services (read #2 above for details).


Online versus Offline: The Best Medium To Spend Your Marketing Money?




Now that you know how to create a marketing strategy for your tuition/classes – where should you spend your money and efforts?

In the digital age, students are online and using technology to decide about choosing the right tutor, coach or learning institute to match their needs.

As per research and emerging trends, tutors who are promoting themselves online have 60% more chances of converting a prospect into a student.

As compared to printing a business card that might not guarantee you visibility or mass marketing brochures and advertisements in classified ads - online marketing tells you exactly how much return you will get on your investment.


1. Online marketing gives tutors better control over their marketing strategy. 

2. Online marketing helps tutors evaluate the audience response easily.

3. Online marketing facilitates wider reach and long-term impact on audience. 


Thus, online marketing for tutors works better in the digital age.

Why? Because your customers expect you to have a trustworthy and presentable online presence before they decide to call or contact you.

Read why every smart tutor needs an online presence to grow and succeed


Are you ready for marketing your teaching business?




We hope you are now prepared to create a marketing strategy to promote your tuition business.

Don't be afraid to promote yourself - remember if you don't tell, you won't sell! 

Hope this article helps you grow your reach, tell interesting stories to your target audience and attract more students.

For tutors who are new and don’t have the time (or skill) for marketing – don’t start worrying.

Luckily, there app for tutors or online platforms for tutors like MillionCenters is also a good way to market your lessons to students and learners online.

If you are interested in marketing your tuition business online in India – get in touch with us now or register with MillionCenters as a tutor/coaching institute today!




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