How to Choose the Right Yoga Teacher Training School For You

How to Choose the Right Yoga Teacher Training School For You

  • Bipin Baloni
  • 06/08/2018

Yoga is a system of well-orchestrated physical, psychical, and spiritual disciplines of Vedantic Holism. Yoga is one traditional method that has been healing, inspiring, and transforming the lives of many since ages.

Whether you a veteran or a beginner to the science of yoga, there is no denying that yogic methods radically uplift the health and wellness of the practitioners. If you are about to choose the best yoga teacher training program, this article will guide you through the steps to make a right choice.



Why Learn Yoga?

An ancient form of working out the mind, body and soul, Yoga’s miraculous powers, mystical layers, and profound depth intrigue several yoga practitioners to undergo its intensive study through a yoga teacher training program so they can transfigure into celebrated yoga teachers.


With so many yoga classes near you offering yoga teacher training programs and course for beginners, many of us wonder how do we even begin to decide which yoga training school or institute is the best?


Well, for answering this question as well as for  clearing the doubts of ambitious yoga enthusiasts on how to choose the right yoga training school, we have listed out the 7 most important factors for choosing the perfect yoga teacher training school - 



1. Accreditation from Yoga Alliance


The motive behind taking a yoga teacher training course for many of us is either to deepen our practice or to become a yoga teacher who can legitimately and keenly spread the word of Yoga across the globe. Isn’t it?


Therefore, to achieve these goals in the desired manner, you should look at a global school that is reputed and offers authentic yoga education. Yoga schools certified by the Yoga Alliance USA and Yoga Alliance International are ideal landings for this purpose.


Globally, Yoga Alliance USA and Yoga Alliance International is the largest body governing the yogic science and its practices. Schools validated by them are categorized as registered yoga schools and provide yoga teacher training programs of supreme quality


2. Desired Location and Ambiance


The location of the school and the surrounding the ambiance is as important as the reputation of it. India, being the originating land of yoga is a great place to undergo yoga teacher training courses.


Locations like -  Rishikesh, Kerala, Dharamsala, Mysore, Khajuraho, and Bangalore in India cherish a golden heritage of Yoga and Ayurveda since time immemorial. The presence of a benevolent climate, the surrounding divinity of temples, and peacefulness of the place very well compliments the yogic practices and allow one to delve deeper into the discipline of yoga. 


Factors like the infrastructure of a yoga training center near you, the ambiance etc. plays a crucial role in enhancing the program outcomes. The serenity, positivity, and spirituality of a yoga class near you should be verified before enrolling in.


So, select a place that offers a conductive environment for the yoga and spiritual practices for your learning and training. 


3. Course Duration and Curriculum


Life hardly leaves us the time to do the tasks that we love the most. Be it learning a creative hobby, a useful skill or practicing Yoga, privileged are those who can make time for following their heart.


While deciding on taking a yoga teacher training course, carefully examine how much time you can devote to the yoga journey. A month-long break is highly recommended for undergoing intensive 200-hour yoga teacher training course.


However, you can also sign up for a yoga classes near you providing different time frame- week, month, two months. Select that suits you the best. Another factor to consider when choosing a yoga school is the curriculum.


An all-inclusive curriculum with different yoga types such as - Hatha yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Anatomy of yoga Meditation, Pranayama, Adjustment-Alignment imparted under a definitive pattern is appropriate than a single style yoga course.


4. Size Matters



Research well about the class size of the particular yoga teacher training program you are interested in. An overwhelming class size is a big no as it reduces the yoga teacher ability to offer you personalized attention and knowledge.


Go for a batch size that is neither too small nor too large (anywhere between 25-40 is ideal).  Classes with a large group of students increase distractions and lack a personal touch.


Choose a school offering the best of both-- the company of like-minded individuals as well as personal guidance. That way, you will get the best of both worlds i.e. one-to-one learning and group learning.


5. Know The Teacher


The outcome of the yoga teacher training course mainly relies on its faculty, the teaching styles, and directives of the yoga instructors of the school. You need to feel confident and comfortable in the presence and guidance of the chosen yoga teachers.


The best yoga schools have a team of qualified yoga teachers with considerable experience in teaching yoga with immense gratification. Thus, before you start searching for a yoga training institute near you, make sure to keep an open eye on the past experience and background of a teacher.


A right teacher motivates the students to steadily embark on the yogic path and to surpass their limitations, helping students evolve into knowledgeable and seasoned yoga teachers for the future.


6. Selecting a School



When short-listing a yoga school, look up for the heritage, history, and years of experience in conducting yoga teacher training programs.


Select a school with at least 4-5 years of experience in organizing successful yoga teacher training programs. Better yet, look for alumni that have successfully completed their yoga teacher training programs and ask for genuine feedback and guidance.


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7. Cost of Training


Not to forget, yoga teacher training courses are not inexpensive. However, there are yoga schools that offer yoga teacher training certification at economical prices, inclusive of training, food, and accommodation. 


Finding the right balance between cost, curriculum and facilities is important while choosing the right yoga teacher training school for your learning and practice.





Spend time reflecting upon these 6 critical factors to keep in mind before choosing a yoga teacher training school for yourself. Opt for a yoga school that you deeply resonate with and get set for a journey of better health, mind, body and soul. 


Author Bio

Bipin Baloni is a passionate Yogi, Yoga teacher and a traveller in India. He provides Yoga Teacher Training in India. He loves writing and reading books related to yoga, health, nature and the Himalayas. You can learn more about him here.


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