Hobbies to take up your in 40s

Hobbies to take up your in 40s

  • 09/07/2019

40s are an interesting time in life – by the time a person reaches in their 40s, they are enjoying a settled job, a well trod down career path, family life and a host of other responsibilities.

A person in their 40s is neither too young nor too old yet to follow their interests and curiosity in life.

If you are someone who is always busy looking for new things to do or interesting hobbies to try in your 40s, it’s still time to do something you love!

It’s time to pick up a new hobby and spend your life doing things you are passionate about.

Don’t worry if you are confused about where and how to start, we have a list of few hobbies to learn in 40’s curated for you -



Photography is a fun hobby where you try to capture events and make them memories. This ain’t a difficult task, focus on the image and capture the life in your picture.

Buy an affordable camera for yourself if you would like to pursue it professionally or simply use your smart phone to capture the beauty around you.

Take your camera where ever you go, you never know when you can capture the best photo. You can slowly see the changes in your focus and the way you look at things.

Photography is one of the fun interesting hobbies that helps you to enhance your creative skills and make use of your free time.

Keep in mind the famous idiom “A Picture is worth a thousand words” and make your picture do the talking.

If you are completely new to photography, here are few photography tips for beginners that can help you get started.


Learn a Musical Instrument

Learning to play a new instrument is not just for your kids, you can always start playing a piano or start strumming a guitar.

Playing a musical instrument can actually reduce your stress levels and increase your confidence.

Start looking for music classes near you, meet new people or join a music club and enjoy every minute of it, or if you are conservative and too nervous for classes, you can start online.

As you master in playing the music you feel the sense of achievement. Choose the easiest and inexpensive instrument to start with and go along from there.


Travel Writing

Ahh, how interesting it is to travel places and write about it.

This hobby keeps you occupied as you don’t just travel but you write about your experience.

Find new places and explore them. Your write ups may help someone who seek to get information on some destinations.

Travel Writing could be an interesting hobby for men in their 40s who are into exploring new places and travelling to offbeat destinations.

Travel to places in your to-do list, take your family or friends along to give them the life-time experience or travel alone and write every event and happening throughout your journey.

This might even help your kids in your family to plan their future holidays!

This way travel writing can be beneficial for those men who are looking for something new to try or want to start their own blog on travel.


Jewellery Making

Making your own jewellery is not just fun but it is addictive. This is one of the must try hobbies for women in their 40s as you just need some basic tools and can do it at your own comfort.

You can make any jewellery of any design and colour and express yourself creatively.

It can be really overwhelming to create your own jewellery, choose what type of jewellery interest you the most. It will take time but if you stay persistent, it is easy to come up with something nice and creative.

Soon you can start up your own business and make good profits and show people your talent.

This not only helps you in developing your business and creative skills but also helps in Increasing your confidence and side income.



All of us would have done origami during school days and we know how interesting and fun it was and by now we would have forgotten it, why don’t you start it again in your 40’s. Origami is a Japanese art of folding paper.

This is one of the inexpensive hobbies to try as it involves just papers. It does not involve any kit. It helps your creativity and confidence to make your own objects and creatures.

Spend time in learning the different folds involved in the art, at the beginning it might seem complicated but once you gain knowledge in the art of folding you would soon master it.

Read our guide on origami for beginners.

Create as many wonderful models using simple papers and enjoy doing it. You can even start teaching origami to people on the internet!



This is an hobby that anyone can pick up and master in a short period of time. You can buy a home brewing kit to start your first batch.

You can make your own beer or wine. Just do some research on what ingredients you need to make your first wine.

You would find it as simple ingredients available at home and is much easy to do. You can also find the best methods to do at your comfort.

Brewing can be one of the fun hobbies for men at home as it might interest them the most and helps them to learn this new art.

This doesn’t mean making alcohol at home, it is about brewing using fresh fruits. Make your friends and family taste your first brew and later start up your business.

It is fun to earn money through your hobby as it keeps you occupied and simultaneously gets you earnings.


Final Thoughts

Self-love is very important, you have to pick yourself up and find the strength to carry-on.

Age is never a factor to stop you from doing anything or it’s never too late to start a hobby.

Be independent and find time to pamper yourself in your 40s.

Hope the above list of hobbies to learn in 40’s inspires you to try them. Be passionate about what you do, don’t start anything, start the hobby that interests you the most.

Start today and have fun!

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