Here is Why Reading is the Best Hobby You can Have in Life

Here is Why Reading is the Best Hobby You can Have in Life

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 20/03/2018

We’re sure you’ve heard it before “you should read books” and maybe you’re thinking that it’s a bit boring or even a waste of time. Don’t worry because that is usually the case with anyone who is about to start reading great books in life.

Before you read any further, let us tell you that the only way you can really see how reading helps can be is by actually reading a couple of them. It’s one of the things that you appreciate and see the value in them only after doing them. The importance of books in our life can only be understood once you have realized the profound effect a book can have on its reader(s)!

Okay, now let’s get to the point. Why should we read books? Why reading books is one of the most interesting hobbies anyone can have in life? What is the importance of reading?

Ready to find out the answers? Let’s Begin with reasons why reading is important.


1. You gain a lot of experience in a short time

Most of the time you want to read a book that was written by someone who’s had a meaningful experience because he can teach you stuff that you don’t know.

The biggest advantage when you read a book is that you can pick up many years of experience just by reading a single book in a week so you’re saving yourself a lot of time, effort and potentially money just by learning from others’ experience. This means you can avoid their mistakes and follow their hard-earned advice since they have already achieved what you want to do.

If you want to gain experience without going through the hardships, reading as a hobby will help you get there.


2. You can solve problems more easily

We all have our problems but guess what? Other people have already figured it out. One of the greatest advantages of reading is that it can greatly help you to solve your own problems. There’s a book for almost anything now. Be it fitness, self-help, technology, school or anything worth knowing or learning, there’s a book for that!

You want to get rich? No problem, you can read how the rich became rich. You want to develop a skill? There are plenty of great books to help you with that. You want to learn a language? Pick up a book for that.

In a nutshell, reading books will help you solve problems because you have an already laid out plan that was created by someone who has faced the same problem before.


3. You learn from real-world learning

You know how we learn a ton of stuff in school and university but we never really use that in real life. That’s exactly the opposite with books. One of the biggest benefits of reading for students is that they get to learn real-world lessons from real people who tell you how you can do what you want to do without the unnecessary nonsense that you see in formal education.

In other words, you strictly get the information that you need, not some abstract theories or concepts that no longer are relevant. Beyond text-bookish knowledge, the hobby of reading books can really help and motivate students to make better life choices, both in terms of personal and professional aspects.


4. You become more knowledgeable

That’s not a surprise. You read books so you know more stuff, it makes sense. Becoming more knowledgeable can help you become a more interesting person and a better conversationalist since you can talk about a wide variety of topics. The habit of reading can work wonders for your overall worldview as you climb the stairway of knowledge with every page your read.

It also helps to know more stuff because you’ll face small challenges every day. Having basic insights about social skills, self-help or even finance can help you deal with whatever life throws at you. That’s how great books help you get closer to achieving greatness in life. Heard about Elon Musk? The visionary learned to build rockets by reading books, what’s stopping you!


5. You pick up a new mindset

While books can provide useful information, they can also teach you an entirely new way of thinking. You can discover some ideas and truths that will make you dramatically shift the way you think.

You know the ‘aha’ moment, right? This means that you can pick up a mindset that will allow you to reach the desired result. Books are a powerful way of shifting from a ‘fixed’ to a ‘growth’ mindset in life. After all, Books don’t just teach you stuff you didn’t know, they also teach you how to think in a certain way.

What's your experience with books? Searching for top books to read? If you haven’t tried reading, it’s time to pick up reading as a hobby and reap the numerous advantages of reading in your life!


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