Here is Why Having a Hobby in Life is a Joy Beyond Comparison

Here is Why Having a Hobby in Life is a Joy Beyond Comparison

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 16/09/2017

People have different interests. Some like the sound of music while some love to sit in silence. Some like to tap their feet on favorite tunes while some like to paint in their free time.

As beautifully unique as everyone is, there is one thread which binds them all – a HOBBY.  

We’ve all been there and known someone who is good at playing a musical instrument or preparing an amazing cuisine. We often wonder and admire how people can bring out the best in them with their artistic, creative and expressive abilities.

The answer is simple – because they are passionate about it and they enjoy doing what they love in life.

Hobby is any activity that you enjoy doing; it improves our happiness and makes our life more meaningful. Like you exercise to accomplish the need of your body, you must also find an activity which engages your mind! So much so, that every person must have a hobby in life to bring out the best in them.

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Happy is the man who is living by his hobby - George Bernard Shaw

Still not convinced? Here are some solid reasons why having a hobby in life is a joy beyond comparison -

Sharing is Caring


It’s being said that happy people are humble. If you create something out of our hobby such as pottery, cards, paintings, etc. you may probably want others to see your talent. This would motivate you to share such things as gift items with your friends, relatives, etc. Likewise, you may share your talents such as music, fine arts and teach others. This will not bring many people close to you but would also increase your internal happiness. Cultivate a hobby if you care to share. 

Beat That Stress

Your hobby can easily restore your energy and balance whenever you are stressed or tired. Since hobby is something you love to do it brings immense pleasure and relaxation. Be it for minutes or hours, pick a hobby that you can practice daily to keep stress at bay and feel energized, mentally and physically. Don’t believe us? Try it out yourself!

Connect More


If you join a hobby class, you would get the opportunity to meet different people with common interest. If you thought, you don’t have friends to share your problems with, find out friends to share your love with, join a hobby class near you and get to connect with like-minded individuals. It will not only boost your self-confidence and social cred, but will also enhance your creativity.

Talent Talks

Picasso, Beethoven, Vishwanathan Anand, Sachin Tendulkar are masters in their own rights yet the love they shared for a particular interest or hobby made them the legends they are known today. A hobby is an amazing way to discover your inner talent and give a boost to your creative abilities. Who knows there could be an artist in you wanting to be discovered! So, try a hobby class and unfurl the magic of talent meeting creativity to spark that magic within you.

Indulge in Life


Wondering again what to do on Sunday? Instead of endlessly scrolling through your social feeds, why not learn a new hobby or join your favorite activity! Not only will this help you stay creative, relaxed and positive but will also open new doors for indulging in your favorite pastimes and getting more juice out of life. Life is all about exploring the unknown and hobbies give us the opportunity to make more sense of what really matters in life!

Stay Happy


Studies have proven that people who had a specific hobby or passion in life, are less prone to develop symptoms of depression or loneliness. By having a hobby that you like, you will be more capable to be in charge of your own happiness, without relying on the presence of external factors. So, if happiness is your goal in life, join a hobby class near you today and feel joyous and happier than ever! 

Career Calling

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Who says hobbies are only to make use of your free time? If you can develop your love for an activity or hobby, you can also take it to the next level and make a living out of it. Be it dance, fitness, music or language, there are numerous hobbies which are perfect career options too. So, pick a hobby that you like and practice it every day. Who knows, you might find your calling in life!

The Takeaway

A hobby connects the person to self, thereby helping in developing the love for self and others. This not only creates positive energy in the person but also help in spending more time with oneself to explore their interests, choices and passions in life.


Through your hobby, you can spend more time with yourself, thereby finding more interesting facts about yourself. Spending more time with yourself would increase your endurance and help you connect with yourself. By pursuing a hobby, you can make new friends, learn more about yourself and explore the world in a new light. Don’t let your age or lifestyle stop you from discovering the joy of learning in life, after all, there is a hobby out there that is perfect for you.

So, try a hobby today and experience the joy of learning in your life!

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