Here are the hobbies of some of the most successful people in the world

Here are the hobbies of some of the most successful people in the world

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 11/12/2018

What’s common between having a hobby and being successful?

Some of the most successful people in the world know that having a hobby can help them strike a perfect work/life balance. It helps them enjoy leisure time, stay productive and network with people.

And that isn’t surprising at all.

After all, having a hobby in life is one of the easiest ways to reduce stress, stay creative and even turn your passion into a career.

If these super successful (and busy) people can take some time out of their schedule to pursue a hobby – why can’t you?

For those seeking inspiration to learn something new, here are the favorite hobbies of some successful people –


Bill Gates’ Hobby: Reading and Playing Bridge


The co-founder of Microsoft Corporation (the world’s largest software company) likes to read books and play bridge (a classic card game) to keep him sharp.

Bill is a voracious reader and he also likes to share his favorite books on his blog.

Apart from reading books, Bill Gates also likes to enjoy a good game of bridge with his friend Warren Buffet!


Warren Buffet’ Hobby: Playing Ukulele


Billionaire investor and a stock market guru, Warren Buffet likes to play his favorite tunes on a Ukulele.

For his hobby, Mr. Buffet spends a lot of leisure time twanging on his favorite musical instrument and even performing for audiences.

Did you know: playing a musical instrument can stimulate your creativity and improve your motor skills, ultimately making you smarter than before!


Elon Musk’ Hobby: Reading


When Elon is not busy launching rocket into space or building giant underground tunnels for the future, he is probably reading books or sleeping in his factory.

Since his childhood, books have captured the imagination and curiosity of Musk who even learned to build rockets on his own by reading books!


Jack Ma’ Hobbies: Music and Dance


Billionaire Jack Ma built a fortune with his e-commerce company Alibaba and now continues to enjoy his life after retiring from the post of CEO of the company he founded.

Jack is a big fan of music (his favorite genre is Mandopop) and he also likes to impersonate the dance moves of Michael Jackson!

In addition to performing arts like music and dance, Jack Ma’s hobbies also include oil painting and kung-fu when he gets time for leisure.


Steve Jobs’ Hobbies: Calligraphy




The late genius and co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs was known as a man who loved his calligraphy class so much, he dropped out of all the other courses at college.

In fact, his interest towards calligraphy piqued and this hobby literally rewrote his life’s success story.

In addition to arts, Steve was also fond of travelling and often liked to travel to places on his private jet.


Richard Branson’ Hobbies: Chess and Adventure Sports


The founder and owner of Virgin Group is a flamboyant example of having hobbies that can become life-long passions. He is often found hanging out in the sea, diving from the sky and kitesurfing in his free time.

In addition to adventure sports, Branson is also fond of playing chess which he says “is the best game in the world.”

Richard has often said that he takes life as one-long journey where he can learn something new every day!

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Meryl Steep’ Hobby: Knitting


When it comes to hobbies of successful people, legendary Hollywood actress likes to knit in her free time. The award winning actress dedicates a lot of her leisure time and has admitted that practicing knitting helps her to de-stress and get her thoughts together.  

Not just Meryl, even actors like Julia Roberts and Ryan Gosling like to knit during shoots to pass their time with a hobby.


Marissa Mayer’ Hobby: Baking