Here are the best DIY Hobbies You will Love to Learn

Here are the best DIY Hobbies You will Love to Learn

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 05/10/2017

Hobbies are necessary for a well-balanced life which is filled with joy and creativity. If you do not have a hobby, you might be working too hard which may lead to a stressed life eventually.  If you are still struggling hard to find a hobby or if you are short of time, you will love to try out these DIY hobbies and experience the joy of learning in your life!

Here are the best DIY (Do-It-Yourself) hobbies you can try easily -

1. Knitting

Top view of woman crocheting

Knitting is indeed an old-fashioned and unique hobby and which is fruitful and easy to learn. Though it may take years of practice in some cases to master all the techniques of knitting, simple DIY knitting is yet easy to learn and interesting. Knitting while at one hand is engaging and interesting, it requires less and easily transportable materials to start the art. A few knitting needles and plenty of yarn and you are on your way. The best part about Knitting as a hobby is that you you can learn it at any age and at any place!

2. Photography

Pro photography equipment

Even though most of us have picked up a camera at a young age and have shown our art of photography, yet many people feel that photography is not an art which requires a lot of dedication or attention as required in painting or other craft works. While everyone might not have the right knowledge for pursuing photography as a hobby in life, everyone can agree that photography is an interesting DIY hobby. If traveling fascinates you, photography can certainly make your journey memorable and worth. Try it by joining photography classes near you today!

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3. Sewing

Top view colourful sewing threads background

Sewing can be a highly useful and rewarding DIY hobby. Sewing has been one of the most preferred hobbies for most of the Indians since ages. There are different types of sewing serving unique purposes. You can learn sewing for your personal need or for professional reasons. Many people prefer sewing by hand in cases of emergency or by choice. By learning sewing by machine you can create different types of designer clothes for yourself or for your kids. Apart from creating tailored clothes, you can also create bags, quilts, hankies, scarf and anything you desire. If you are still wondering, pull out your mom’s old sewing machine and give it a try, you would love it!

4. Pottery

Jug rotating

Do you enjoy creating attractive art with your own hands? If yes, why not consider pottery as a DIY hobby? Making clay pottery might sound outdated to some but it is indeed one of the most happening arts and hobbies today. Join pottery classes near you as they will require you to use a pottery wheel for making pottery at home. If you have the passion and dedication for pottery making, collect the materials such as clay and the wheel and start creating beautiful clay products such as lamps, pots, mugs, bowls, dishes, vases and much more. 

For baking your pottery items, you must also learn how to fire a furnace or kiln and you’re your pottery at the right temperature. This act would turn your pottery creation into a permanent masterpiece of art which can use in your everyday life or can just keep in the showcase as a piece of decoration. You can further add glamour to your art by painting your clay pieces according to your preference. This DIY hobby is certainly going to win the hearts of your friends and family members. 

5. Candle Making

Decorative christmas candles

Colourful candles are a delight to watch but did you know, you can also learn and engage in candle making at your home? In fact, it is one the most preferred DIY hobbies that can keep you engaged and make you feel relaxed and creative. More than a hobby, candle making has also become a popular art that people love to learn. You don’t need to be the master of the art, whatever design you create would become a work of art and would certainly be appreciated by your near and dear ones. Candle making is not a very difficult hobby and you can join craft classes near you to easily learn the art of DIY candle making in your free time.

6. Origami

Elevated view of human hand making origami paper art on wooden table

You probably imagined that Origami is a hobby that only kids would do. In fact, origami as a hobby can be pursued by people of any age. It is indeed a great craft work for kids but it’s a fun activity for grownups too. Don’t be astonished if your kid/s introduces you to the world of origami as some of them are the champions of this art. In the world of technology today, it is the brilliant way for kids to pass the time and stay on screen. It also helps kids in learning about patience and focusing on better attention span. Origami can be challenging and difficult at the first, but once you learn it; you would love this DIY hobby. You can make cards and several framed art out of this origami art.

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I am sure you have made up your mind by now. Don’t think twice and pick up an amazing DIY (Do-It-Yourself) hobby today and add life to your years!

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