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Here’s Why you should opt for a Real Teacher over a Virtual One

Here’s Why you should opt for a Real Teacher over a Virtual One

Planning to enroll yourself in an e-learning course? Want to learn your favorite hobby by watching tutorials on the web?

Be it a student or a working professional, everyone wants to learn new skills, techniques and gain knowledge to stay ahead and active in the competitive times.

This poses an important question - when it comes to learning, which is better?

A teacher in the real or the virtual world?

Let’s evaluate the benefits of both and see why you must connect with a real teacher or tutor as compared to a virtual course or class. Ultimately, the choice is your yet we have compared the two so that you don’t have to!

Despite being convenient and easily accessible, many students still prefer the conventional style of learning such as classroom or coaching center setting. As classroom learning is more interactive, a student can easily relate to the subject. Real teachers not only share examples from their firsthand experiences but can also engage students into discussions for elucidating a topic.

According to several studies, about 78% students still believe that real teachers are more accommodating and it is much easier to learn in the classroom than virtually. Even though, the cost of college education is constantly rising but it is no surprise that students feel more confident and convinced under the guidance of real teachers than virtual teachers. Yet, e-learning is an amazingly simple, learner-friendly and almost free way of expanding your horizons.

Let’s take a closer look at both.

Technology today provides innovative and insightful tools for learning and virtual learning has certainly proved itself as an effective source of learning for self-motivated pupils or working professionals who are disciplined and driven to fulfill various and distinct requirements of learning something new. With changing times, it has indeed, become easier for the students to virtually log on to a website and explore an unprecedented amount of online tutorials, e-books, podcasts with few taps only. Convenience is certainly one of the perils of e-learning and has led to opening new doors in how we consume knowledge with the help of internet.

We may also debate that learning isn’t method based but will based. True to an extent, yet works only in favour of learning from a real teacher as gaining hands-on experience as classroom learning creates a positive environment where several students sit together to take lessons, ask questions and clarify their queries in the same environment itself.

Real teachers have knowledge and experience to gauge the students and accordingly they divert their attention on each student. Many argue that classroom learning doesn’t allow every student to explore equally and only extrovert students are able to clear their doubts. Even in that case, it is still in a win-win situation because the question asked by another student could possibly be your question too?

One who asks is a fool for minutes, one who doesn’t is a fool for lifetime” – Confucius.

Studies have also highlighted that relatedness of students’ sense is one of the main factors in their motivation and only real teachers can fulfill this need of the students. Relatedness means emotional ties; it involves human’s fundamental need to feel secured and associated with as well as acknowledged by others. Since time immemorial, learners have been inheriting knowledge and skills from elders and this has been a critical part of human development.

While a virtual teacher is an online presence which only responds in the standard format (interactive learning techniques are still in nascent stages), a real teacher would react, respond and reply with an intent to make sure a student completely understands the subject of the matter.

Real teachers also facilitate collaborative learning; research suggests that collaborative or mutual learning atmosphere enhances learning. It’s an atmosphere where students and teachers jointly contribute to the subject and flow of instruction compared to a virtual learning atmosphere which is mostly individual or limited to a group of people. Studies have proven that classroom learning facilitates two-way interaction and motivation among students and real teachers can build up that motivation faster than their virtual counterpart.

Though this is a never-ending debate whether real teachers are better or virtual ones are easily accessible but real teachers would always have the human and emotional touch which majorly is missed in virtual teachers. While a virtual teacher allows you the flexibility to pick your study time and schedule, learning from a real teacher promotes one-to-one interaction, discipline and simultaneous exchange of ideas.

Who knows? Maybe one day we will be able to strike the right balance between real and virtual learning!

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