Hello Tutors: Learn how MillionCenters can help you get online and grow your reach

Hello Tutors: Learn how MillionCenters can help you get online and grow your reach

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 17/12/2018

The rise in awareness among parents and students on choosing the right tutor/teacher is increasing in India.

As a result, more people are searching for tutors online and relying on online platforms to find the right teacher or academy that matches their needs.

Did You Know – India has more than 100 million students now and almost 60% of them are searching for the best tutors near them online. These students (and their parents) rely on student reviews, online presence and social feedback to make decisions.

If you are a tutor/teacher – the time is right to take advantage of the growing demand for tutors in India.

MillionCenters can help you build and promote your teaching business online.

Do you want to learn about us and how we are working for your growth?

Let us guide you.


Who We Are




Short Answer: We are your trusty and experienced friend that wants you to grow and earn more.

Long Answer: MillionCenters is an online community based platform that helps people teach and learn smartly. We are helping teacher, tutors and trainers get online and reach more students.

In addition to that, our team of professionals also do online marketing, digital promotion and other technical stuff for you.

With us, you can focus on what you do best – teaching (while we work for your growth).

Keep on reading to find out how you can benefit by joining us as a tutor/trainer. 


How MillionCenters can help you promote your teaching business



Students and parents are searching for tutors and teachers online nowadays and how they will continue to do in the future.

So, how can you as a teacher take advantage of this shift in the education industry?

Answer – by having your own online presence that showcases your skills, expertise and teaching methodology to the world.

With MillionCenters, you can get your own space on the internet and use it to reach more people, build a reputation and ultimately, increase your income as a teacher.

Wondering how?

Here are 3 reasons why MillionCenters is the right online platform for teachers and tutors who want to attract more students and grow their teaching business –


Reason 1 - We are backed by Community




A community of passionate people is the engine that drives MillionCenters.

More than 8000+ students have already registered with us. Plus, more than 10,000 teachers have already joined us to find the best tutors and trainers near them

People trust us and rely on our community advice to choose the best teachers/trainers.

Our aim is to strengthen this community and empower every tutor who wants to be future-ready.

If you are ready to reach more students online and grow your teaching business – don’t wait to be a part of India’s fastest growing community of teachers and learners.


Reason 2 - We are Flexible




Just as every student has their own pace of learning, every tutor is different in the way they teach.

Our online platform is designed with your unique needs and personal preferences in mind.

Whether you are a yoga trainer, a dance teacher or a commerce tutor – MillionCenters offers you the flexibility to promote your teaching business online uniquely.

One size doesn’t fit all (and it doesn’t have to) - our online platform is customizable for every tutor, teacher and trainer.

For us, you come first and your growth is our ultimate goal.

That is why we offer more than 30+ categories for tutors to select their subject/field of choice. If you don’t find what you teach, we will create a category just for you!


Reason 3 - We are Affordable




Marketing is a crucial aspect for every tutor and trainer who wants to grow.

A lot of first-time and emerging tutors don’t have huge budgets for marketing and promotion – that is where MillionCenters can help them take advantage of our custom promotion packs.

Even if you don’t want to spend your money on advertising, you can still register with us for free!

However, if you are ready to invest in your growth and success – we offer affordable promotional packs and plans that will suit every budget.

Our promotion packs are designed to help you earn more with less spending.

Every tutor can get their own online presence with costs starting from INR 500/- (as less as your monthly phone bill).

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Still Need More Reasons to Join MillionCenters as a Teacher?