Google's Birthday

Google's Birthday

  • 23/09/2019

Last year, Google celebrated 20 years of its operations by creating a unique look at the tech giant’s homepage. The company created a Google Doodle for its 20th birthday, marking the occasion to users all around the world. The doodle was in its trademark colours and spelt out Google with the o’s forming the number 20.


Celebratory Google Doodle

The particular Google Doodle has the logo designed in letter-shaped balloons, all of them attached to a gift box. Tapping them plays an anniversary video from Youtube that shows an animation of all the popular searches from around the world that has peaked curious minds over the last twenty years.


A few searches that have peaked over the years have been about Pluto losing its place as a planet, Y2K, The Royal Wedding, its original beta logo, the year 2012 on the Mayan calendar, how to pronounce gif, and surprisingly, avocado toast. The video ends with a note of thanks from Google:


Thank you note from Google

Around twenty years ago, two Stanford Ph.D. students launched a new search engine with a bold mission to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Though much has changed in the intervening years—including now offering Search in more than 150 languages and over 190 countries—Google is still dedicated to building products for everyone.

Today’s video Doodle takes a stroll down memory lane by exploring popular searches all over the world throughout the last two decades.

So whether you’ve searched for the status of your favourite object orbiting the sun, the latest on the world’s most significant events, or how to impress on the dance floor.


There has always been confusion on the exact date of Google’s birthday. However, it is a known fact for most that the tech giant’s birthday is sometime during September. Google celebrated its 20th birthday on September 27th, making the date of the birthday explicit by sharing the Google Doodle on the same date.


Confusion Surrounding Google’s Birthday

One cause for the population being misled is the fact that the domain,, was registered on September 15, 1997. However, it took an entire year for the company to be registered as a valid business, which was on September 4th, 1998. It was only a few dates after the stick man, the first Google Doodle, made its debut.


The confusion was caused by Google’s search results claiming that the site changed it’s birthdate in 2002, but the results of other search engines claiming that the change occurred in 2005.


Significance Of Google Doodles

Google Doodles are the search engines helpful way of recognising and acknowledging essential people and events. It helps serve as a reminder of the world’s history and the contributions made by individuals or a group of people over the years.


The first Google Doodle was introduced in 1998, after Larry and Sergey, the search engine founders, inserted an additional detail to the logo. There a drawing of a stick figure behind the second ‘o’ of the Google logo, a reference to the Burning Man festival, and marked the birth of Google Doodles.


Google took up the task of marking significant events and individuals by decorating the search engine logo accordingly. It was a well-received decision from users of the search engine as well, as it provided a forum to understand the importance of a day.


The initiative was continued further down the year, as a turkey was added to the Google logo during Thanksgiving, and two pumpkins replaced the ‘o’s in the logo as a celebratory design for Halloween. Google Doodle has grown to become a highly creative and skilled team of illustrators, artists, designers who all contribute to tailoring the doodle. Learning art can prove to pay off significantly well in the future, and with the art classes offered by Millioncenters, your child may be the next one to join the Google team.




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