Five tips for a glowing skin in winters

Five tips for a glowing skin in winters

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 09/12/2016

Winter season is unpleasant and harsh for the skin. It makes our skin dry and lifeless. Dry skin needs to be treated with immediate care as it might result in bleeding and cracking. Skin problems get worse because of the harsh winter winds and it is due to such winds and cold weather that natural glow of the skin is vanished. While we frantically search for body butters and cold creams for the treatment, the inside repair of skin is also important.

Here are some of the proven effective tips for dealing with winter skin problems like redness, chapping and itching besides keeping the skin comfortable and healthy:

1. Moisturisation for that perfect glow

Moisturization helps heal dry skin. The best time to apply a moisturizer is before going to shower as it prevents the skin from drying. Besides moisturisation of the skin for its repair, the right kind of moisturizer also affects the healing process. Lotions which are silicone based are considered to be the best as they provide longer stay effects between washings. While choosing, consider the one which has nourishing and natural ingredients.

2. Avoidance of hot water baths

Taking a shower in hot water always please in winters. But wherever possible, use lukewarm water especially while washing your hands and face as hot water strikes away the essential oils. Also avoid long baths and while bathing do not use sudsy body washes and soaps. Soaps or washes which produce more bubbles have high concentration of surfactants and detergents that dissolves skin oil, making it dry.

3. Skin Protection for a smoothen effect

To retain the skin's natural glow, it needs to be protected. For its protection, the skin of exposed areas like hands and feet needs to be covered. Apart from covering, it must be assured that the socks and gloves are not wet as it might irritate the skin and cause cracking, itching and sores. To avoid irritation with woolen materials, wear thin cottony socks, gloves and a scarf before going out. Do not forget to apply sunscreen in the exposed areas. Safer sunscreens include titanium dioxide or zinc oxide.

4. Stay Hydrated and Shine

Hydration of the skin is necessary in winters inside out. Eat foods that have high content of water like apples, kiwi, watermelon, oranges and watery vegetables like tomatoes, carrots and cucumber. Drinking water is the best way for skin hydration. In winters, we don’t feel much urge to drink water as it is in the summer season but it is equally important in winters as well to drink enough water to remain healthy and keep skin soft and glowing. For dehydrated skin, splash water on the face daily and use a cleanser that is soap free.

5. Make your own masks at home

Winters make face dry and stretchy. Deep moisturisation of the skin is necessary to nourish the skin from inside. Rather than visiting parlours every week, try skin nourishment at home that saves your time and money as well. Blend of milk cream and honey when applied on the skin for a few minutes give amazing results. Other combinations to make face masks include milk and almond oil, strawberry and rosewater, olive oil and cocoa butter, rose water and banana.

Have any more winter skincare tips to share? Let us know in the comments section below !







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