Five Best Hobbies for Toddlers

Five Best Hobbies for Toddlers

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 14/09/2017

Toddlers have a great amount of zeal to do new things and try new activities which stimulate their growing mind. Starting with a hobby for your tiny toddler might sound too much in the beginning but it is, indeed, a good idea for their holistic growth. Even a simple hobby can turn out to be highly beneficial for your child as they take baby steps into the world.

Hobbies become a part of your child’s daily routine while they are growing up from a toddler to an adult. With technology making kids even more aloof and engrossed in their screens, it is time parents start planning about the right hobbies for their kids.

So, how can parents ensure their kids aren’t glued to the screen while growing up? After all, watching your tiny tot learning new things daily is an excitement in itself!

If you too wish to see your child take learning leaps early in life, we present 5 best hobbies for toddlers –

1. Colouring


One of the most common yet most effective activity that most kids enjoy, colouring can turn out to be extremely helpful for you to determine if your child has an artistic side. Also, it will help your child learn about different colours and perceptions. Try to engage your toddler in an easy, interesting activities like finger painting, and colouring in an activity or colouring book for toddlers.

2. Drawing


Little ones love to draw and scribble and if you want to nurture the artist in your toddler, allow them to freely draw at home. Give your toddler the right drawing tools for his age and allow him/her to fully express with some creative toddler art work including shapes, alphabets and lines. If your toddler wants to draw for longer periods, encourage and promote it.

3. Puzzles

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Studies have linked the liking for puzzles and crosswords with better mental health and sharp cognitive skills. As a parent, you too can gift your little one some engaging puzzles and mazes for kids. Let them unfurl the joy of connecting things together to give shape to something new. When you allow your toddler to get thinking, it will contribute positively to their problem solving and analytical skills later in life.

4. Flower Collection


This is a very effective and unique activity to develop a sense of love for nature in your child and also to help them learn about the different trees and plants around them. Take them out to parks and gardens and help them collect different flowers whilst telling them about the plant/ tree and help them to paste them in a scrap book. This can turn out to be an engaging pastime activity once your little toddler starts to enjoy it.

5. Dancing

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Many toddlers enjoy dancing and moving their body to music. You can start by turning on music at home and if you feel your kid has an extra love for dancing you can make them join any dance classes nearby. It is an amazing way to keep your child active and engaged. Plus, dancing can also contribute to boosting your child's confidence in the long run.

In today’s world, it is important for every child to have a hobby that brings good health, creativity and thinking in life. If you are looking for hobby ideas for your tiny tot, choose from any one of the above and let your child enjoy the feeling of learning something new every day!

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