Family Support During Corona virus Lockdown

Family Support During Corona virus Lockdown

  • 30/03/2020

Family Support During Covid19 Lockdown

The entire world is witnessing a rapid breakdown as well as slowdown of the world economies due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus among the people of all races and creeds. Keeping it simple, the fear of this outcast of Covid19 has outraged individuals fatally. While discussing these issues, the important thing that runs down our minds would be "how does this affect the mental health of an individual”. Amidst all these chaos, family being the biggest support and it is all that one individual needs in his/her dark times. Family is the only place where you find love and reverence with no greed, so in this time of distress family plays a very epochal role in handling an individual emotionally and physically. During the quarantine period, one needs to stay with his/her family to burst out all the stress building inside out and tackle the trauma gripping in. Keeping this in mind, I would like to discuss some influential points which are required to be followed by every family going through a quarantine period due to Covid-19-



  1. Provide strength and comfort


Everyone is going through hard times and facing many authentic problems. However, there are bagfull of requirements of love and support from each individual of the family.  Especially coming down to children between the age group 5-15, it’s important to stay polite and try to engage them in certain playful activities to divert their mind. We all require love and care when everything around us is vague and difficult. Since our country is facing a trauma, the need for strength doubles-out. there is a need to stay calm and positive during quarantine


  1. Stay alert to the source of information

 You should be aware of the right overview of information and pass it on to your family before hitting any misinformation. A family especially who has been through this trauma and has recovered from it should move ahead to help other communities. There should be an open discussion between family members about the series of incidents happening that our country is facing to pass on the right information to each other.



3) Patience is the key

It is rightly said, "don't count your chicken before it hatches". A recent report published in the New York Times says "There are more than 79,000 people around the world who have recovered from covid19". We all know how difficult it is to deal with such situations when you are clueless of it. At this time, we all should be patient enough and think peacefully to get through this pandemic trauma.


4) Cook healthy. Stay healthy

Since everyone is fighting with coronavirus breakdown, it is important to maintain immunity and health of your family. Eating vegan and homemade food is the best alternative to boost your immunity. Our body is our home. If we are healthy from inside, it will reflect outside. The more we consume homemade food, the healthier we are and it further boosts our immunity.



5) Provide courage and spread positivity

This quarantine which we are in,  is surely a difficult time for many of us living out there. But the main factor that we all need to look upon is "courage". Providing courage to your friends and family that are living abroad is a real necessity at this time. Don't give up!  Our family needs us. The time never remains the same throughout which is why we have families and relatives to support us. Try to radiate positive thoughts and ideas with everyone at your home, this will surely help to heighten your emotional strength at this time of distress.

This is the time when we all need love and a positive environment around us. I hope this article helps you in understanding the major aspects of family support during breakdowns and holds you all together

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