Evolution of Teaching and Learning: Do's and Dont's during an Online Class

Evolution of Teaching and Learning: Do's and Dont's during an Online Class

  • 27/01/2021

The COVID-19 epidemic has gripped the world by fear for the last few months. Everyone has been affected by the virus and its dreaded effects. Global governments have taken various extreme steps to ensure that not many lives are lost while we silently fight with this unseen evil. People around the world have been advised to self-isolate themselves, and this has led to a situation of global quarantine. However, one of the most affected industries of this pandemic is education. With educational establishments being shut down, students have been on a default vacation since the lockdowns began. The detachment from academics might lead to disastrous repercussions in future examinations. Keeping this fact in mind, schools and colleges have come up with an innovative way of bringing education to the student. Online classes have become a recent trend, and every other professor is opting to take his lecture on a video conference. The process is hassle-free and, most importantly, keeps the students away from the ghastly virus. But if you intend to go ahead, switch on to the cool professor mode, then you have to keep a proper rule book in mind. Even if you are a student, online classes might not cater to your interests. Given the fact that you are at home, you have more chances to drowse off during an online lecture. So, here are some dos and don’ts that you should remember before switching on that video-conferencing application!


Do’s :



  1. Student-friendly content is well-appreciated: The atmosphere at home is very different from the ambiance of a classroom. However strict you may become, the student does not have that urge to study. So, teachers should keep their educational content interactive and student-friendly. Chip, in some social media abbreviations and connect your lectures with anecdotes. This will make the session engaging. 


  1. Choose the time-length of the subject wisely: An instruction to all the teachers out there; always remember that if you teach as if you are in a classroom, the students are ultimately going to leave the session out of boredom. Make sure you have your students engaged in the lecture by keeping it short and crisp. Do not force them to take the ultimate steps. 


  1. Discover the ‘Da Vinci’ in you: Bring out your creative side when you start an online class. Make the students learn via presentations, drawings, and other unusual methods. You can use household items that are usually available around the house and make them understand tough concepts. This will make you the coolest professor in the school, once it reopens! Moreover, students can make creative notes out of the lecture session. This will help them learn things in a better way.


  1. Grab that Sacred Cup: A cup of coffee is a great option to make your drowsiness go away during a lecture. A dalgona coffee is a cherry on the cake. So make sure you are caffeine ready once you sit down to study on your phone or laptop.






  1. Do not teach to the extent that the student gets distracted: At home, the student is sitting in his comfort zone. If you are extending your lecture, then he might just get distracted from it. This might have an effect on the whole class, who is attending the video lecture. If you are a student, pay attention to what is being taught. The session might help you score more in your tests, once the lockdown is lifted.


  1. Technology is not the ultimatum: Though technology enables you to reach out to the students, it does not help you to connect with them, as you did in the class. So, an online class is not the ultimatum. You have to make an emotional connection with the students before enlightening them with all the knowledge! Students should also realise that the video lecture is not a solution to their low test scores. They have to practice too!


  1. No geniuses are being made here: Do ensure that they do not have any myths around online classes. You won’t be giving them something extra, but you would be teaching them what is meant to be taught. Make sure you have a balance of trust and maintain the teacher-student relationship to the fullest. This point lies true for the students too. Maintain a decent decorum while being a part of the class. 


  1. Do not overload your contents: Online classes have more chances of boring one out. With the couch-friendly generation opting web series over educational videos, your online sessions may disrupt their daily life. But, remember that it is for their good. So, keep your content to the point. For the students make sure you have your notes up to date, once the lecture ends.


Always make sure you are abreast of the technology you are using so that the online session does not go futile. Teachers can also help students by sending notes over social media or emails. This will ease the process. So, get ready with your laptop or mobile phone, and start your class! 

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