Emphasis Of ELearning During Times Of Crisis

Emphasis Of ELearning During Times Of Crisis

  • 08/08/2020


It is no surprise that we have survived over the years, where millennials or preferably the cohort of Generation Z, started from enrolling into schools and college abiding by societal norms to breaking norms about conventional education and rapidly transitioning to more convenient and viable techniques of acquiring quality education enriched with real-world skills. Yes. You have decoded the entire concept of what is going to follow further. 

While this idea of self-education is slowly gaining widespread attention, another recent paradigm shift that has forced the world to turn heads is the outbreak of the globally-declared pandemic - The COVID-19 (Coronavirus). (Also read 5 Ways To Prepare Yourself As A Teacher) Ever since the outbreak of the newfound virus, the world engine seems to have hit rock bottom in various fields that kept the world moving at a perpetual pace, however, now the world's at a horrific halt for-God-knows how much time it's going to last.

Catching up with the new buzz - Distance learning, MOOCs and platforms alike

Needless to say, one of the many sectors that took an unbearable blow straight in the face is the education sector. While this is a time where the numbers can be misleading, almost all schools and universities that were fully functional, have now shut its doors concerning the potential damage that the Coronavirus ensues. Conversely, we can still hope there is light at the end of the tunnel. E-learning to the rescue. Possibly, the most undermined platform by all of us, e-learning platforms, has a lot to offer beyond the textbooks. Resourceful, reliable, and extremely flexible, providing learners with access to real-world skills by exposure to interdisciplinary courses, e-learning has garnered high demand and responses in recent times.

Choosing the right courses for the potential increase of your skillset

Professional courses serve as the bridge to enhance learners with contemporary skill sets that any industry requires. Professional courses being intensive and well-constructed in nature gives learners an edge over the teachings of a typical curriculum. 

Here’s a list of few professional courses 

  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has brought the interface between humans and machines to solve complex problems ever to exist in competitive fields like technology, manufacturing, space sciences, etc. Apply the fundamentals of mathematics and programming languages like Python, C++ to create solutions for industry-grade problems. 


  1. Basic knowledge of Python and C++.

  2. Elementary proficiency in Matrices, Vector Algebra. 

  • Programming for Data Science

There is a proven demand for Data science courses in recent years. From distinguishing structured and unstructured data to exploring the JS workspace for refinements in data visualisations and data collection, proper Programming is required for Data Science courses as it offers practical learning through ambitious projects. 


  1. Elementary proficiency in Node.js

  • Sustainable Energy Creation

Gone are the times when conventional energy sources were the major contributor to global energy needs. Advancements in technology have led to new findings of renewable energy that has a bright potential of meeting global energy demands. 


  1. Knowledge about renewable energy sources.

  • Financial technology

With technology fostering at an alarming stride, financial services rely on the same for secure and fast ways of dealing with trade, currencies, and economic shifts. Financial technology (FinTech) is the need of the hour course for anyone who sets out to start on financial literacy and improve further. 


  1. Basics of finances and economics.

  • Material Sciences

Humans have relied on natural resources to facilitate their needs in the manufacturing industry. With the advent of materials synthesis and materials engineering, utilisation of smart materials for various applications of engineering, architecture, medical and technology is the next disruption in the field of manufacturing.   

Amidst the chaos circling because of COVID-19, the best way to spend your time of quarantine and social distancing can be the development of on-demand industry-specific skills that potentially invites a lot of opportunities to young graduates and avid self-learning enthusiasts. 

While the world is busy worrying about the existential crisis, make time for yourself in indulging in self-care and self-development practices hoping for a new future. 

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