EB5 Visa Prices Have Gone Up, Grab Yours Before The Hike!

EB5 Visa Prices Have Gone Up, Grab Yours Before The Hike!

  • 28/08/2019

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The American Dream just got dreamier – yes, you read that right! The Trump administration has decided to raise the entry barrier to the United States. From a hefty $1 million USD to a heftier $ 1.8 million USD, the investment amount to get your feet on the American soil has gone up!

For those who are not aware, the USA EB-5 immigrant investor visa is an investor visa that allows an applicant to migrate to the United States on pretext of investing in the country’s economy. The EB5 visa investment recipient can choose to invest in different enterprises or sectors. The idea behind this visa is to obtain the funds to create full time jobs in the United States and boost the economy. Typically, the invested money is returned to the applicant after a certain time period has lapsed.

Over the years, the EB-5 visa has been a favourite for immigrants who wanted to live the American dream and migrate to the states with their family. A lot of investors from all parts of the world have been attracted to this lucrative offer of migration from the government of the United States.

But now, the rules of the game have been changed under the order of President Trump.

This is a revision that has happened after a long time, last updated in the year 1993 and now updated by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration services has confirmed with a statement “Indians who are considering submitting an EB-5 visa application should be aware of the price rise”.

According to the USCIS, the new rules applicable for EB-5 visa are as follows:

  • Providing priority date retention to certain EB-5 investors;
  • Increasing the required minimum investment amounts to account for inflation;
  • Reforming certain targeted employment area (TEA) designations; 
  • Clarifying USCIS procedures for the removal of conditions on permanent residence; and
  • Making other technical and conforming revisions.

So, what does the USCIS hike of prices for investor visa (EB-5) means to potential migrants?

Firstly, the dream of settling in the United States just got a lot more expensive.

Secondly, Indian investors will have to go through a more complex process of getting a green card for the United States of America.

So, apart from getting worried, what can you do about this change? Is there a way to still make the most of one of the most popular immigrant visa programmes of all time?

As it turns out, the answer to the above question is YES!


If you’re ready to make the most of this amazing opportunity of a lifetime, now is the time to act fast and act smart.

The new rules and regulations are going to be in effect from November, 2019. This means you still have some time to safeguard your investment and secure an immigrant EB-5 visa for migrating to the United States!

But don’t be mistaken – it is not easy to understand and comply with the rules, regulations and policies in the EB-5 immigrant visa programme. That’s why you need to trust only the best and reliable EB-5 investment host and a reputed EB5 attorney Chrystal Green for this task.

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