Easy Meditation Techniques for Busy Moms

Easy Meditation Techniques for Busy Moms

  • 17/06/2019

Being a mom is a full-time job and that can have both a toll on your physical but also mental health.

Just like any other full-time job, it can leave you feeling stressed and overwhelmed at points. It is important that you learn to be able to manage this stress and strive to improve your mental wellness.

Our ideas will help you improve your mental wellness and help you incorporate meditation techniques into your busy schedule to help decrease your stress and leaving you to feel calmer.

To help you enjoy calm and peace in your life, here are some meditation techniques for busy moms -


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Find your happy place

This could be a room in your house where you can escape to when you want a little time to yourself and calm down for 5 minutes.

This can help you develop a safe space for yourself to retreat to when things become overwhelming and stressful.

Your happy place maybe outside of the house; whether it's a local park, a coffee shop or a shopping mall if it makes you happy and at peace, finding time to visit here will help you to feel calmer.


Relax your face

You may not realise the amount of tension you are holding in your face throughout the day.

From expressing your anger, annoyance, stress, you are working your face and causing it to be overly tense.

Psychological studies have demonstrated the benefits of relaxing your face to reduce the negative feelings they are associated with.

Even if you are annoyed or frustrated try to reduce the effects in your face and keep your face muscles relaxed; let yourself feel the emotion but try and avoid physically displaying it.

This will help you relax and even think more positive about the situation sooner.


Meditate Daily and Early in the Morning

Meditation, when practiced daily, can help improve your ability to remain relaxed and focus on positive thoughts over negative.

However, as a busy mom, you may be worried about when you will find time to do this but if you just take five minutes out of your day that you usually spend watching TV or sat on your phone, can decrease your stress.

According to spa-hotels.ie, the best time to meditate is first thing in the morning. While the kids are still sleeping, getting up a little early to meditate is the perfect time to do this before waking up the kids for school.

Starting the day calmly like this can set the tone for how the rest of your day will go. It allows you to feel relaxed for the day ahead and can help you feel more positive for the future.


Listen Mindfully

This way of listening can not only improve your ability to effectively listen and understand the speaker but allow you to remain calm throughout the conversation.

By purposely focussing on the words of the individual and ignoring all external and internal distractors and thoughts, it can help you retain more information from a conversation.

It can also help you pay more close attention for longer durations as well as boosting your self-esteem.

Research has also suggested that this meditative technique of mindful listen has other psychological benefits that include reducing anxiety levels while increasing positive feelings.


Set a Reminder for Self-Care

Always remember that self-care is not selfish, and it is important to practice self-care as often as possible.

Find something that you enjoy and that calms you whether that is writing, being creative, going for a walk or exercising- everyone’s preference of self-care differs.

However, what everyone seems to share is their ability to quickly forget the importance of self-care, so setting a reminder gives you little excuse to forget about it. It forces you to take time to get your thoughts in order and focussing on something relaxing that you enjoy.

Within this time, also think more about your thoughts and maybe even record these in a journal or on your phone.

Keeping track of your mood patterns and taking some time to see what causes your mood to decrease but also increase can allow you to focus on activities you enjoy while recognising and managing those are linked to more negative feelings.


Keep your Sense of Humour

Simply put, make sure you are laughing. Whether it's with your kids, watching TV, spending time with your friends, allowing yourself to de-stress and laugh a little can really improve your mood.

If something goes wrong, try to see the funny side; there is no point becoming frustrated over something trivial that can be easily fixed later.

It may sound funny itself but actually forcing yourself to just sit there in laugh for no real reason will end up having you in stitches and improve your mood.

Try this with your child or even a friend and you won't be able to take each other seriously enough to not end up laughing and feeling more positive and relaxed.


In Conclusion

These meditation techniques that stress the importance of looking after yourself and finding time in your busy schedule to practice these positive habits, they can work together to help reduce your stress levels and allow you to be a happier and calmer mom.

You can also pick up yoga as a healthy hobby to feel active, stress-free and relaxed.

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