E-Learning has changed the face of Education in this Quarantine

E-Learning has changed the face of Education in this Quarantine

  • 29/09/2020

E-Learning has changed the face of Education in this Quarantine


The days seem longer; the evenings are voiceless and the nights are darker, as the world is battling and trying to wrangle an unknown and unseen enemy, the Coronavirus pandemic, and re-establish the ruins it has been inciting for the past three months. However, it seems more like a far-fetched dream to gain what we've forfeited. Thousands of lives are lost, and yet the scenario of the world continues to be deplorable. The economies are tumbling, the health networks are failing, and world polity has already taken a mammoth step to lockdown the states and boundaries to break the chain spread of the virus. Despite all the chaos and hassle, governments of different countries are prioritizing education even amidst the pandemic.


The Educational institutions of the respective states are taking innovative steps to impart knowledge to the children. The students are receiving online or virtual classes. And the assignments are given to children as in the form of questionnaires, practice exercises, project work, video tutorials or even case studies. So that they will certainly learn new elements as well as will ace in academics, and this undoubtedly will help them comprehend things easily and perform well in the tests...


Benefits of Virtual classes


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The digital media has become a boon in this quarantine as schools and colleges have opted for the e-learning processes to support and mitigate the situation. The teachers have started conducting online classes until the lockdown, to prepare the students for their upcoming examinations and give them assignments which will help in their preparation. The perks of online education is that it is effortlessly accessible, convenient and flexible. And students from other regions and localities can be added up in a similar classroom environment. There are many online mobile applications available for conducting online classes like the zoom conferencing, virtual classroom, millioncenters live meeting or google classrooms. These applications made pedagogy possible during the pandemic. Assignments are being given to the students once they are done with the classes so that they will stay engaged throughout this quarantine. As the more they practice, the better they learn. Getting done with assignments makes the students more efficient every day. This practice of being productive will enable them to score well in the online tests. These online tests make students focus on where they lag and how they can rectify themselves. So Online classes have indeed charged a wave of productivity among the young in between those dreadful hours.


Deployment of Multiple Evidence-based Strategies


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1. Adaptive Content: While teaching, a teacher should be selective of his/her ways of teaching and the content he/she is going to teach. Because teaching online is a difficult task and making the students understand is even more difficult. So the teacher should introduce easy and adaptive ways so that the children can comprehend it fast, like conduct quizzes, provide multiple-choice questions and question answer sessions which will make the child more proactive while the online session. Also a teacher can use a whiteboard while teaching the children online, so similar to using the GoToWebinar app, it is easy to use and the children will find it pretty simple to access. Also, for more convenience of the students, the teachers can upload the content or the study material in their particular school/college website so that the students can get the online material easily. And the stride should be a little slower while making the students understand the content, otherwise there will be confusion while revising.


2. Frequent Testing : Online tests on a frequent basis will make the child’s brain more agile and extra generative. As he/she can modify his/her mistakes easily. And those tests will let us know how the individual is grasping things and how he/she is presenting it on the test table.


3. Immediate Feedback :  Once the classes are done, there should be a feedback session, so that the teaching and the ways of conduct can be improved as per the students need and convenience. This will enable some quality session in a proper and precise manner.


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Students Appreciation towards the convenience of e-learning


Students can conform themselves according to their role and responsibilities and can commit to a multitude of things at a time. And it's not hard to guess why students appreciate e-learning so much, because of its convenience and time-serving than any traditional way of learning. It only asks for your login credentials and a bit of your internet data, so it is cheaper than the conventional teaching. It also requires less investment. So e-learning is more or less and win-win for the current generation.


  1. Students can independently solve problems


Once the doubts are cleared out, students can perform well on their own. The quarantine period has helped the e-learning process foster even faster. They have made themselves self-sufficient without leaving their comfort zones.


  1. Education has become individualized with the help of E-learning


This has individualized the process of learning. One can learn whatever he/she wants without any boundaries.


  1. Certificates of Motivation


As people are all enthusiastic about working from home, as they'll get paid for it. So they are working as hard as possible. Similarly, if an e-learning site provides an individual with certifications and online badges, then the student or the individual will surely attend the classes and, in turn, will discover something new in this due course of time. So if you want to attract people to visit your e-learning session, allure them with some goodies which will add up to their resume or may help them in the nearer future.


In this time of crisis, don't lose hope and mislay of your confidence. Better turn those dull days into productive ones and learn something new every day. I hope you all stay fine and stay safe. Happy Quarantine.



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