Dharmender Sir Maths & Science Tutor in Palam Vihar

Dharmender Sir Maths & Science Tutor in Palam Vihar

  • 22/05/2022

Hi Everyone ,

I am Dharmender Sharma, an educator with expertise in teaching Mathematics subjects with over 17 years of teaching experience. I'm teaching since 2000 after my 12th.I love ?? teaching. I Have done MSc.,B.Ed..(Maths/Science). I am Living in New Palam Vihar sector sec 110 Gurgaon. Working in Royal oak international school as a Head of the department of (PGT)mathematics since 2007 till now

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Over these years, have developed the best teaching techniques for making maths simple for students, laying high focus on laying strong foundations of fundamentals, so that students can easily navigate into different topics with ease. Mathematics as a subject has importance in every field of academics, which is equally important for students aspiring for engineering or commerce streams in higher classes.

I have been taking Maths classes in Gurugram and maths classes online since the year 2000. I believe strong maths fundamentals also help in managing businesses and home finances.

Besides Maths I also conduct Science classes for CBSE and ICSE boards all class standards up to 10+12 and have been making teaching interesting by using examples from life experiences and experimentation.



Can you elaborate on how and why you developed the passion for teaching


My biggest inspiration to teach maths has been my father who guided me towards taking up maths as my core subject and I always excelled in the subject. I always remember his saying that “without Maths there is no life”.

He helped me understand the importance of mathematics compared to other subjects and how having strong maths also helped me in scoring better in Science subjects of Physics and Chemistry.

In fact that became my passion and I wanted to continue this experience of being associated with maths by teaching maths subjects in school. Its the passion that guided me to make the career in teaching wherein I did my M.Sc & B.Ed in Maths and Science.

I believe maths is part of our everyday life and also helps nations and societies to also improve and grow.




What is unique about your teaching style?

I teach by clearing basic concepts for my students, which helps them pick more complex tops and theorems. I always start with natural numbers with theoretical experiments, while encouraging them to think differently on a regular basis just like flying kite.


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Who has been your greatest Inspiration? and why?

In my family, my uncle is an English teacher and her daughter is a Physics teacher. They inspired me to take up teaching as a full-time career and I personally gained so much by teaching and seeing my students grow in their life, with whatever impact my teaching could have on them. In fact I have also been inspired by teachers, besides my uncle, I was also inspired by my 10th standard Hindi teacher and my Class 12th school principal, who use to teach us maths subjects and were always happy to clear our doubts.


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Tell us about your interests other than Teaching?

When I am not teaching, I like interacting with people, making new friends, networking, earning money from 2nd income, watching movies and enjoying good times with friends and traveling



How do you think, we can make this world a better place?

I believe that the world can become a better place with the mantra of “Each one teaches one”. We all have an opportunity to make this a better world and have the power to change our world, leaving it a better place for future generations. This is the motto of my  “Anmol Academy” to make a better tomorrow.


Please feel free to connect with Click à  Dharmender Sir


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