De stress and Treat Yourself: 8 Ways to Take a Break from Work and Unwind

De stress and Treat Yourself: 8 Ways to Take a Break from Work and Unwind

  • 28/02/2020

It’s true that our careers mean a great deal to us. It provides us with fulfillment and joy, and well, food on our table.

We can’t just take it for granted by taking leaves of absences when we get hit by a rare case of Monday sickness or just by being too lazy to get up from the bed.

We’ve come to terms with the fact that our work schedule is what makes up half of our lives, and whether we like it or not, we have no other choice but to wake up in the morning, wear our most presentable clothes and show up for work.

And if we may be honest, showing up for work is winning half the battle and if you’re consistent about it, then consider yourself victorious. It’s enough reason to give yourself a little room to breathe and de-stress from the demands of your work environment.

Here are 8 effective ways on how you can take that much-needed break from work.

1. Nourish Your Body

Taking a break isn’t limited to just taking a few days off from work. Taking a break also means letting your body get the nourishment it deserves after a week of consuming fast food just because it’s the most convenient option when you’re at work.

Give yourself some room for improvement. Make sure that you dedicate time to nourish your body with nutrient-rich meals. It should not just be a temporary break, but it should be a part of your lifestyle.


That’s one way of taking care of your body no matter how busy your work schedule gets. Don’t make your busy day as an excuse to just grab the first food you see when you step out of your office.

2. Go on a Hike

Nature drives a chaotic mind into a calm state, and one of the best ways to achieve that is through hiking.


If you ever have that sinking feeling of being stuck in a rut while facing an empty wall of hopelessness when you so badly need to come up with an effective campaign for a project you’re working on, it’s a wake-up call to leave your desk and find inspiration.


We’re not saying to just leave without permission from your superiors, you can just take a break and hike a bit at the nearby park if there’s one near your office.


If there’s none, weekends are meant for rebooting so take that opportunity to hike up and refill your senses with the undeniable charm of nature.

3. Go to the Beach

Do you know what they say about how saltwater can cure sickness? Well, we can attest to that.


A relaxing day at the beach is better than being stuck in the office when you’re feeling inefficient. It’s about time you change your view for a bit and have fun feeling the sand beneath your feet.


Whether you take your friends with you or go on a solitary trip to the nearby ocean, the most important thing is that you take a break and you prioritize your well-being more than your paycheck.

4. Have a Spa

When your schedule is really tight, which happens most of the time, you still have other ways to relax even when you’re stuck in the city.


A spa day is an answer to your recurring back pain and headaches. You don’t need to go to a faraway resort just to have someone pamper you with massages and therapy oil. You can even book a service that can be done right in the comforts of your own home.


Once you’ve recharged, you can easily slip into your regular routine feeling more confident and relaxed.

5. Travel to Somewhere Familiar

If you have that one go-to vacation place where you feel most alive and relaxed, schedule a trip to that destination once in a while to remind yourself that you’re still a human being with different needs despite feeling like a working machine.


A happy place could help reset our minds and make necessary adjustments to our serotonin levels that could liven up our moods, therefore, resulting in a productivity boost.


Most importantly, don’t let the travel planning stress you out even more than you already are. Make an effort to get the best luggage brands that could ease your way into packing your stuff.

6. Meet New People

While some of us would prefer a quiet time after a long day at work, meeting new people during your free time or during the weekends is a surefire way of regaining your confidence.


Socializing is a fun way to stimulate new ideas just by engaging in a conversation. You’ll never know what you’ll learn from other people until you begin coming out of your shell a.k.a. your workaholic self.


It’s also a good way to have fun and just be yourself.

7. Practice Meditation

Don’t get intimidated by the thought of meditating. It doesn’t require you to become a professional one to be able to find your core and your balance. A simple meditation that involves taking a short break at any time of the day will suffice.


It’s an effective way to clear your thoughts and recalibrate your mind to focus only in the now and not anything that stresses you out. There are mobile apps and podcasts that could guide you through an effective meditation routine.

8. Relax with Music

Music has become a universal escape route for people who has a lot to think about.


Whether we listen to our favorite bands or find a soothing playlist that could eliminate our worries, music can really help calm our minds down— and that’s easily one of the most effective ways to soothe an anxious mind.


When you’re in a relaxed state, you’re more likely to think effectively. So, if the stress brought about by your deadlines at work get in the way of achieving your goals, just put your headphones on and let the music flow into your brain and let it do its magic.

Over to You

Just a little reminder, ladies and gents, don’t take your peace for granted. If work gets a bit too harsh and demotivating, do yourself a favor and just take that necessary break to regain your drive and passion.


Taking a vacation has never been considered a crime. At the end of a tiring workday, you deserve a fulfilling rest and relaxation. Don’t make an excuse to scrimp on that part.

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