Dancing Quotes to Inspire the Inner Dancer in You

Dancing Quotes to Inspire the Inner Dancer in You

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 23/02/2017

"Dance Is poetry with arms and legs"

The joy, the rush, the emotion, the madness. there is rarely an art form as profound as Dancing which can evoke a million feelings into a single soul in a moment of time! Dancing is a powerful medium of self-expression for some and a personal and intimate reason of self-discovery for many, but above all, the sheer love for dance is what keeps millions of people around the globe grooving, bopping, swinging, shaking, thumping, twerking and so on...

Whether you follow it as a hobby or as a profession, the moment you lose yourself into the magical act of dance, you turn into a better version of yourself!

Do you have a thing for Dance in you? If yes, these five quotes on dancing will fill your heart with pride and make you want to dust off your dancing shoes!

You may love it more or love it less, but dancing is universal! So, stop thinking and start dancing your worries and pains away! After all, there is no better therapy for the mind, body and soul than a carefree dancing session!

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