Cruelty Free Makeup Is Far Better Than The Conventional Ones

Cruelty Free Makeup Is Far Better Than The Conventional Ones

  • 18/04/2020

Why Opting For Cruelty-Free Makeup Is Far Better Than The Conventional Ones

If you've been shopping around for new makeup, you will not miss bumping into products labeled with "cruelty-free." And for most women, this marketing tag can be as perplexing as looking for the right pair of shoes with almost similar designs.

One thing to consider when looking for cruelty-free makeup is its brand. Most often, known and trusted brands live up to their name for providing their customers with products that are industry certified and marketed with a statement of assurance. 

Also, knowing what constitutes a cruelty-free cosmetics line is one right way to determine the authenticity of what you are buying. Consider that some products profess to have the tagline, but are in fact, just ploys to entice people to try their products.

Knowing What Makes a Real Cruelty-free Makeup Line

There are a number of ways to tell if a cosmetics line has not been tested on animals. So, filtering out which ones live up to their name and which ones do not will save you from frustrations when buying one.


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Know that as a rule of thumb, cruelty-free cosmetics will display their ethical standards, starting with their manufacturing partners down to the packaging companies they acquire their services from. Most products with non-animal tested taglines will have a certified bunny logo on the packaging material. The bunny logos you can trust include:

  • Choose Cruelty-Free (CCF) logo
  • The Leaping Bunny
  • Beauty without Bunnies

These certifications are often seen at the back of products, and licensing means the company meets all the standards of the organization. Try not to be deceived with unofficial bunny logos, which are used by some companies to bait customers. Always know what's real and not, given that the cosmetics industry lines with products that are substandard, to begin with.

Why You Should Opt for Cruelty-free Makeup

There are many great reasons to opt for cruelty-free makeup, given that they are more environmentally-friendly and safe. Cosmetic ingredients are chosen carefully to pass the rigorous certification. It means that the makeup manufacturer only chooses natural ingredients that will not require testing on animals.

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There are over 7,000 ingredients considered safe and do not require animal testing. Opting for brands that are authentic to their cruelty-free brand also means you are making a difference and contributing to the welfare of animals in your way. Consider that bunnies are not the only animals these cosmetics are tested upon, but also dogs and cats. Based on research, over a hundred million animals are being poisoned and crippled each year. By choosing cruelty-free makeup, you are saving the lives of these helpless creatures.

Making a difference by putting your money on products that do not affect any other life is one way of voicing out your influence. Additionally, going cruelty-free is another minimalistic approach to a healthier lifestyle.

It lessens your preference to brands that are only out there for the profit. And by minimizing wastes, you are doing your part of preserving our resources and saving lives. Also, consider that some governments have banned animal testing, which is why opting for cruelty-free cosmetics is a much better choice. These governments are shouting out that animal testing of any cosmetics is harmful and unethical.

So, with so many cues from around us, it is always imperative to follow what’s right. Opting for cruelty-free cosmetics is not just protecting your outer appearance but saving the lives of innocent animals.

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