COVID19 and Online Learning

COVID19 and Online Learning

  • 29/09/2020

COVID-19 (nCov-SAR2) and Online Learning [NEVER STOP LEARNING]

The world is battling against CoronaVirus, also referred to as SARS-CoV-2 or COVID-19, and the situation of lockdown is prevailing worldwide. Closed colleges and schools are resulting in loss of education. Which is the major issue scholars are facing. Hence, various institutions are taking steps towards the online learning system.

Online learning system is the trustworthy and most followed platform nowadays. Here we will let you know more about how the online learning system is helping the students to learn during the COVID-19 eruption.


Online Learning: An Option That Can Benefit Every Individual


We all know how technology is a significant part of our lives. Our day starts with encircling in technology and ends with it too.

Online learning is a gift, or we say boon to many of us. Although learning online has never been that easy as it seems. There are various institutions that offer many courses in which you can get enrollment and study your desired subject.

Online learning helps to learn via computer or laptop while sitting at home. We can say that education is just a click away.

For example, this is even more helpful in attending lectures from India while being in Africa. How cool is that right? It allows not just students but also working individuals to learn their favourite courses—irrespective of their country, timing, and their choice of guide.

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Types of Online Learning


Asynchronous Learning -This type of learning works according to the time given by the learners. Students are assigned with their project works, and it is up to them when they finish it. One can get help from virtual libraries, online video content etc.

Synchronous Learning -This type of learning includes a group of students studying at the same time where the virtual interaction takes place between the students and teachers. This type of education includes video conferencing, live chatting, live stream etc.

Another technology that involves creating hardware and software for the sake of teacher-led learning is in the market. The technology is termed as Edtech. It is made up by combining two words, i.e. Education and technology. The motive is providing better results in the outcome of students. Edtech is a new and innovative way to enhance the education system and let students interact with the technology as well.


Benefits of Online Learning

Online learning is the latest way to learn and seek knowledge. This is a widely accepted way so far. As with the changing time, technology is changing at it’s best, giving rise to many innovations.

Online learning can evoke the sense of urgency to learn something new. Today’s student will eventually get attracted towards things which are related to technology.

There is also a way to create a learning environment outside the classroom, as well. Online learning is way more successful in emerging curiousness among students.

One can learn whatever they want from being in one part of the globe and grasp knowledge from the other part. Online learning makes it easier than ever.


What Statistical Data Says On Online Learning

According to the fresh research done in 2019, the online learning market will reach $325 billion by 2025. This clearly shows the growing demand for online education among masses.

If we revisit 2000, there were only 8% of the people who were taking online learning programs. But by 2008, the number increased by 20%, in 2013, it grew to 30%.

This clearly shows that students of today’s era prefer online education rather than face to face interaction.

Even the global pandemic Covid-19 has contributed to a massive increase in enrollment of people in online learning platforms, which is due to shutting down of institutions.


The Requirements and Way to Start Online Learning

All you need is a device over which you can get access to various online platforms for learning online. To start with online learning, firstly you need to have an idea about an excellent online platform which provides better education there.

Secondly, you must be clear about the course you want to enroll. Contact the selected platform and get their subscription if required. And you are ready to jump into the world of online learning.


Role of online learning during COVID-19 outbreak

A survey has shown that there is a dramatic increase in downloading the online learning app as proclaimed by the online learning companies.

Students all over the world are giving preferences to online learning apps, websites, etc. Hence these types of companies are flooded by the number of users in the last few months.

Companies like Byju, Unacadamy, MillionCenters etc. are offering free access to various category courses online to the students and institutions, letting them learn and gain knowledge at home.

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It has been reported that during the last few weeks, specific online learning platforms were offering free access and downloads. They were pretty aware of the current situation of users and grasped the opportunity to get more users. The CEOs of these platforms claimed that they encountered a 60% increase in new users while in their offering period. Moreover, they are getting a lot more queries and questions as compared to last week from students as well as parents about home learning programs.

Adding up to this, some platforms have also started giving online classes regardless of the number of study hours and courses. Students can opt for bundles of courses without worrying about charges. They have also succeeded in attracting students towards them who attended their live sessions. The number for these platforms increased nearly three times more than the last few weeks.



The year 2020 will be remembered as the crucial year due to Covid-19, although this year proved to be the best for online learning apps and platforms as well. Online learning apps are allowing institutions to utilize their precious time. Hence schools and colleges are doing well during the lockdown period.

Not only students but the people of different age groups are getting benefited by online learning. Curiosity is forcing everyone to do something contentful, and hence many people are inclining towards online learning platforms.

As it is well said “better late than never”. One should always try to push themselves towards self-teaching and self-growth.



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