Conducting Virtual Live Classes

Conducting Virtual Live Classes

  • 29/09/2020

Do’s and Don'ts of Conducting Virtual Live Classes


Students are facing a lot of problems in their studies due to the present scenario of the on-going virus-war. Due to the lockdown, all schools and colleges have been closed. Students are worried about their studies and completion of the syllabus too.


The worries are not only for students but also for the teachers who are only familiar with the traditional teaching techniques. And due to the demand of time, they need to take virtual live classes so that the students don't face any kind of loss in their studies.


Are you also among those who are facing difficulties or want to improve the impact of their virtual live class? The answer to all your queries will be here. In this article, we are going to share with you the do’s and don'ts while conducting a virtual live class.


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Well, it is best said that the first impression is the last impression. Your body language is the first and foremost thing on which the student is going to judge you.


Make sure that before giving online lectures, you must work on your body language. How you represent yourself to your students has a lot of importance. Make sure you are explaining things with proper gestures.


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While conducting a virtual live class, the do’s and don’ts that you should keep in mind are:


  1. Make sure that your hands are moving to explain the facts.
  2. Your eyes are looking towards the camera and not focusing at any other place.
  3. Don’t shiver in front of the camera or don’t hesitate.
  4. Your face should look fresh, charming and happy.


Good Communication Skills


Your communication skills are the second thing you are going to be judged upon.

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Do’s and Don'ts in communication-


  1. During virtual live class, your tone of voice should continuously change.
  2. Never talk to the students in a rude or harsh tone when the virtual live class is going on.
  3. Your vocabulary should be simple so that every student can understand it.
  4. Complex topics should be taught in an easy and simple way.
  5. Try not to slip your tongue.


Give them importance


When a virtual live class is going on, make sure that you are showing importance to your students. This can be attained by following ways-


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  1. Being a virtual live class tutor, you should always try to have a personal touch in your tone and language. It is important to express it with your words because you'll never get a chance to show that in your actions.
  2. Try to communicate and create a comfortable environment for them just like traditional teaching provides.
  3. Pay personal attention to every person, even if it sounds difficult or requires extra effort.
  4. Even if you don't get to know each person by face, try to create a bond that can stop your student from doubting your capabilities.
  5. Try building up a well balanced and well maintained traditional teacher student relationship.


Provide Your Own Study Content


If you are conducting virtual live classes, try to provide them your own study content. Many students are searching online for tutors who also provide their own study content.

This is because it will help them to remember what you taught in a virtual live class.


Try to follow the given do’s and don'ts-


  1. If possible, try to give the content in the same language as you taught them in the class. It will definitely be a fruitful effort by you and will also be appreciated by your students. They will get to know about your efforts and will respect your work. It could be handwritten notes and stuff like that.
  2. If you don't have your own notes, you can google for that. There is lots of stuff available online, You can also refer to that.


While I wind up the article, if you follow the above do’s and don'ts, you are definitely going to have an amazing experience of virtual live class. It’s something new, experience it and enjoy it.


We hope that the information you find here will help you to create an awesome virtual live class. For more such content, stay connected with us. Best of luck!



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