Class Management Tools for Teachers

Class Management Tools for Teachers

  • 24/07/2019



Along with a good learning environment, it is important for the teacher to maintain discipline in the class. Discipline is a must for learning and it comes if the class has a good student-teacher bond.

Management of class involves tools like attendance management, students’ registration management, etc. At the same time, it also requires the staff to be regular and disciplined. The students learn what they see.

In this article, one would get to know about the various methods with which a class can be managed, and how various schools and coaching institutes do the same.

Remember, you need to be friendly and act as a role model so that the students listen to you and follow you.



Attendance is important for regularity. A regular student will learn better as he won’t be missing any lectures. Regularity maintains a relationship with the teacher and they both are on the same page.

The attendance can be maintained on a register or electronically. By keeping a track of the absenteeism, teachers can reward the students who are regular or, they can warn the students who do not come to the classes regularly.


It is important for the school to know about their students and maintain a regular record of the same.

Students should be offered a specific registration number that makes it easy for the school to keep a record. The students will then be recognized by those numbers rather than their names, which will make it much easier for the management to track them.


Along with the attendance of the students, it is important that the record of the regularities of the teachers is maintained.

If the teachers are irregular, students are sure to take leaves more often. The staff attendance is measured by the school authorities on an official platform.


The payroll is important for keeping the teachers encouraged. Also, the school should keep a check on the accounts of the administration.

This involves having a record of the advanced payments and promotional cheques of the teachers and other staff. It also involves Inventory management.


It is important for the school authorities to keep in touch with the students’ parents. Teachers must pass on the students’ performance records to their parents so that they know what is the progress and learning pace of their child. Also, teachers should conduct regular parent-teacher meetings so that there is better communication between both. This way, parents would gain confidence and build trust in the teacher.


Proper school management is important for the students to learn and the teachers to teach in an organized way.

The school administration works smoothly when all the records are maintained and checked regularly. It can make changes in its ways, once it knows the pace of learning of the students and the remarks of the parents.

The parents could also approach the school if they are not satisfied with the services of the school.

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