Choosing a Play School for your Child? Here are the Top 10 Play Schools in Delhi

Choosing a Play School for your Child? Here are the Top 10 Play Schools in Delhi

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 11/06/2018

Putting your child on the pedestal to learning and education is a dream come true for every parent. That's why; a parent understands that the environment of a play school is one of the most important factors on deciding the right play school for their child.

A play school (or preschool) is considered the second best home for every child as he/she takes new steps towards building a foundation for a bright future.



To help you out in choosing the perfect play school for your toddler, we have compiled a list of the top play schools in Delhi that offer the right ingredients of learning, playing and growing for children. 


Top 10 Play Schools in Delhi 


1. Bachpan A Play School

Childhood (or 'Bachpan') is the phase where a kid starts developing physically, socially and emotionally. As a parent, you can choose Bachpan A Play School for the holistic growth and development of your child. This play school chain in India is reputed for offering a unique pedagogy, state-of-the-art infrastructure and a positive environment for children and toddlers.


With a decade worth of experience in preschool and play school education in India, Bachpan A Play School serves children in the following groups - toddler, lower kindergarten and upper kindergarten.


If you are searching for the top play schools in Delhi, you can contact Bachpan A Play school is present across 30+ branches in major localities like - Dwarka, Chhatarpur, Paschim Vihar, Vasant Vihar among others. 


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2.  Kidzee

One of Asia's leading play school franchise, Kidzee is where kids love to learn. If you have a toddler between the age group of 1 to 5 years, you can choose this play school for their learning and growth. The teaching methodology offered at Kidzee play school has nurtured more than 4,50,000 children making it India's only university-verified play school curriculum. 

From the holistic learning environment to the professional teaching staff, everything at Kidzee play school in Delhi is aimed at helping children discover their inner confidence, pick up new skills and achieve their desired level of learning. Kidzee has many centers and play schools across Delhi that you can choose for your kids. 

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3. EuroKids

Established in 2001, EuroKids is one the most reputed play school in South Delhi with a curriculum based on playing as well as learning. By emphasising on their 'Child First' philosophy of imparting education in a nurturing environment, the team focuses on helping every child identify their uniqueness and grow in life through their early years. 

EuroKids has been redefining preschool education in India over the years and their wholesome mix of games, technology, techniques, curriculum and toys will give your child the right mix of experiences, both indoor and outdoor. Searching for the top play school for your child in Delhi? This one's a must consider! 

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4. Valley of Kids

Another premier play school in South Delhi, Valley of Kids provides a foundation for a bright future of your child. By providing quality education through a play method of teaching, the teachers and faculty at this play school in Delhi try to help every child explore their innate potential.

Valley of Kids isn't just a day care centre or a hobby centre for kids; it is one of the renowned play school in South Delhi that you can choose to give your child the right platform for growth and learning based on Montessori curriculum. 

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5. Mother's Pride

A name synonymous with top quality preschool and play school education in India, Mother's Pride is one of the best play schools in Delhi for your little bundle of joy. From home-like attention and care to learning and playing in a wholesome professional environment, your child will take giant leaps of growth at this play school in Delhi. 

Right from the infrastructure to the teaching faculty, Mother's Pride play school offers a diverse mix of learning/playing activities in a spacious and controlled environment. Established in 1996, this play school boasts of a workforce of over 700+ professional teachers along with 200 quality managers, academic heads and staff that works to ensure your child gets the right platform for a better future. 

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6. Shemrock Blossoms

Termed as India's 1st play school chain, Shemrock is a leading play school for kids with over 70+ branches in Delhi NCR. Managed and led by a team of qualified educationalists with more than 100+ years of experience in imparting education, Shemrock Blossoms is a branch of Shemrock chain of preschools which is specifically aimed at facilitating the early year learning experience for kids. 

From Play Group and Pre-Nursery to Nursery, your kids can take little steps towards joyful learning and growing in this play school. 

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7. Kangaroo Kids

A play school that derives its learning and teaching style from International play schools, Kangaroo Kids was established in 1993 and has spread its wings across India, Dubai, Maldives and Qatar with over 100+ schools operative. Both as a playschool and primary education facilitator, this play school in Delhi has become a leading name in offering interactive learning to little kids. 

As a parent, you'll be glad to learn the wide gamut of facilities and services offered by Kangaroo Kids play school. Their unique teaching methodology called 'Play way' will give your little ones the perfect platform to spread their wings. 


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8. Wonderland 

Based on Montessori style of teaching, Wonderland - a play school in South Delhi is another great option for parents who are looking for quality learning environment that is safe, positive and encouraging for their kids. At Wonderland play school, your child can learn about different activities, creative projects, ideas and develop a sense of imagination and confidence. 

With focus on both indoor and outdoor learning activities, the educational staff and faculty at Wonderland play school is all about promoting holistic growth and giving each child the attention, care and encouragement they deserve. 

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9. Footprints

A pre-school/play school established by IIT-IIM alumni, Footprints play school in Delhi is one the many top play schools for kids that you can choose from. With a modern approach towards learning and child development, this play school chain has more than 80+ centers. From art and crafts to storytelling and singing, your child can learn and engage in a great deal of varied fun activities here. 

As parents, the safety and security of your child is always of paramount priority. That's why Footprints pre-school offers a unique live CCTV camera and instant mobile app notifications to give you a clear, complete picture of how your little one is spreading their wings!

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10. Little Millennium

Established in 2008, Little Millennium play school provides a fun learning environment for kids while allowing them the space and creativity to inculcate good values and lessons from early childhood. One of the best play schools in Delhi, Little Millennium's curriculum is curated exclusively for 2-6 year old kids making it one of the most preferred and renowned preschool chain with over 500+ schools in 100 cities across India. 

Offering a child-friendly infrastructure and a focus on quality learning activities under the guidance of professional teachers, this play school can give your child the right confidence to take their first big step towards a bright future. 

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Ready to give your child the gift of learning? Life at a playschool is definitely fun, engaging and interesting for every kid and it's time yours start preparing for their first steps too!

As your child gears up for the lessons of life, you too must prepare and choose from the best play schools in Delhi for your child. 

If you are searching for the top play schools in Delhi, you can find them and their related information at easily. 

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