Bollywood Celebs Who Swear by Yoga for Good Health and Beauty

Bollywood Celebs Who Swear by Yoga for Good Health and Beauty

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 19/12/2018

Bollywood Celebs Who Swear by Yoga for Good Health and Beauty


Gorgeous skin and a svelte physique isn’t always a gift from God – and Bollywood celebrities know the secret to looking good and beautiful!

Their secret to a youthful glow isn’t expensive makeup or skincare - its yoga. That is why your favorite Bollywood divas swear by their yoga sessions to maintain their physique, weight and looks.

Out of the many hobbies of Bollywood actors, yoga is an activity that is a common interest.

If becoming fit, healthy and looking good is on your wishlist - take some inspiration from these Bollywood celebrities that love to practice Yoga in life.


1. Alia Bhatt




Bollywood’s youngest heartthrob, actress Alia Bhatt literally transformed herself from being an overweight teenager to a fit and fab adult.

She gives credit to a healthier diet and lots of exercise including yoga.

Alia is known to practice ‘Ashtanga Yoga’ at least two times in a week and that is the secret to her glowing skin and toned figure.



2. Shilpa Shetty




Shilpa is one of the earliest advocates of Yoga for good health and physique.

She has been a yoga follower for years and has also released her fitness DVDs to promote the benefits of practicing yoga asanas. She has her own application named "Simple Soulful."

Shilpa Shetty’s favorite asana is the ‘Suryanamaskar’ that she practices daily morning.


3. Malaika Arora




This mother of two refuses to look old – thanks to yoga! Malaika is a renowned celebrity yoga practitioner who spends a lot of her time practicing yoga asanas during her schedule.

A fitness enthusiast, Malaika said yoga has helped her increase flexibility and strength.

Her favorite yoga asana is the ‘Padmasana’ which can help in alleviating physical ailments.

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4. Jacqueline Fernandez




When you are blessed with good looks and a great body, you don’t really have to work out a lot to look good, right?  Well, Jacqueline Fernandez doesn’t believe so and that’s why yoga is her favorite workout.

The beautiful actress loves to practice yoga and flaunt her serious moves on Instagram to her million followers.

If you want to get a body and glow like Jacqueline, don’t forget to start practicing yoga!


5. Kareena Kapoor Khan




Another Bollywood actress who loves practicing yoga is the one and only Kareena Kapoor Khan. This mommy likes to keep herself fit, active and in-shape with yoga asanas.

Apparently, Kareena likes to practice ‘Power Yoga’ to keep fit and look radiant. She loves to defy her age with yoga and give major health goals to her followers.

Kareena loves yoga and makes it a point to practice it for two hours every day despite her busy schedule.


6. Nargis Fakhri




Want to know the secret behind Nargis Fakhri’s beautiful looks and desirable figure? It’s yoga.

This Bollywood actress is obsessed with ‘Hatha Yoga’ and likes to maintain her physical, mental and emotional healthy by practicing it daily.

In an interview, Nargis said “It was pretty tough for me to practice it in the beginning but I loved how I felt afterwards, so I continued to go on.”


7. Bipasha Basu




The Bengali bombshell is another Bollywood actress who likes to swear by yoga to stay fit and look beautiful.

A self-proclaimed fitness freak, Bipasha loves to practice yoga to keep her body well-toned and active.

In fact, she also has her own fitness DVD to help people get healthy and feel beautiful. Plus, she also practices yoga with her husband.

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8. Lara Dutta




Lara Dutta is an ardent yoga fan and loves to teach the benefits of yoga to her followers via YouTube.

During pregnancy, Lara practiced ‘Parental Yoga’ to recover quickly after child birth.

The former Miss Universe is known to have been practicing yoga for more than 12 years now! She now has her own DVD called ‘Heal’ to promote the benefits of practicing yoga daily.


Ready to live the Yoga Life?




Most of us would do anything to look like our favorite Bollywood celebs – but don’t worry, you only need to embrace Yoga in your life.

This four-letter word won’t only give you physical benefits but will also help you feel good from within and de-stress in life.

So, if you are ready to learn and practice Yoga as a healthy hobby in life – start now and work your way to a healthier, fitter and beautiful you!

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