Bhangra Sway will help you slay the dance floors with your Bhangra moves

Bhangra Sway will help you slay the dance floors with your Bhangra moves

  • 18/06/2019

Bhangra and Dance have a long relationship – no matter where you are and what music is playing, there’s always someone on the dance floor shaking a leg to Bhangra dance steps!

For Punjabis, Bhangra isn’t just a dancing style; it’s an immortal part of their culture and heritage.

To keep the legacy of this folk dance style from Punjab alive, ‘Bhangra Sway’, a premier dance academy in Gurugram has embarked on a mission.

Located in Sector 14 Gurugram, Bhangra Sway is the only dance academy in Delhi-NCR that focuses on teaching traditional and authentic bhangra moves to people.

With deep knowledge and passion in their hearts, the international level trainers at Bhangra Sway will help you slay the dance floor with your fiery Bhangra moves!



Jaskarandeep Singh, the owner and the man behind Bhangra Sway is loud and proud about his love for Bhangra dance and he wants people to learn the folk dance style from Punjab.

Whether you are looking to choreograph special events like weddings, parties or dance competitions or simply learn Bhangra dance moves from the best dance instructors in Gurugram, look no further than this dance institute!

Suitable for beginners as well as intermediate level dancers, Bhangra Sway is about to complete their first anniversary in July and they have already helped hundreds of people dance to their authentic Bhangra moves.

MillionCenters spoke to Jaskarandeep Singh about what makes Bhangra Sway a unique dance academy and he told us “Bhangra Sway was born out of a love for traditional folk dance style from Punjab. Being a Punjabi, dance is a part of our blood and Bhangra is a style that is loved and appreciated by all”.


He further added “Our mission at Bhangra Sway is to help people express their love for dancing with Bhangra and make them learn the rich culture and heritage of Punjab through this amazing folk dance form.”

Many of you will be surprised to know that the idea for opening a dedicated dance academy struck Jaskarandeep Singh when he had just completed his B. Tech degree.

After observing the poor teaching technique of dance institutes and the passion-less way of giving dance lessons, he decided to leave his job and pursue his love for dancing full-time.

Fast forward to today, his love for Bhangra dance is being known and appreciated by dancing enthusiasts in Gurugram. Jaskarandeep’s mission to promote the folk dance style of Bhangra in society and help people stay happy and healthy has finally come true.

When we asked Jaskarandeep about how he promotes Bhangra Sway, his dance academy, he quips “I haven’t spent a single penny on marketing, unlike many other dance academies and institutes. I believe in doing good work and the key to my success is the talent of my dance teachers and the awesome word-of-mouth feedback from my students”.

For those who are looking for professional Bhangra dance lessons in Gurugram, we highly recommend you to visit this dance academy. If you are keen to bring out the dancer in you, there’s no better place to learn Bhangra dance than Bhangra Sway – Gurugram’s first academy that focuses on traditional Bhangra dance!