Best Upper Body Workout for Women

Best Upper Body Workout for Women

  • 08/06/2019

There’s a common misconception that women who incorporate resistance workouts into their exercise schedules will quickly become unnaturally bulky. Many women give weight training a wide berth for fear of looking like a bodybuilder.

In reality, this is simply not the case. It takes years of dedicated training and nutrition to achieve such a physique, often with the support of specific supplements and hormones.

The average person working out in the gym a few times a week for health benefits, man or woman, will not accidentally achieve this physique.

There’s an ever-increasing wealth of online and offline information supporting the use of resistance training for female fitness, and more and more women are discovering how wonderful the benefits of resistance training can be for their health and aesthetics.

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Benefits of Resistance Training for Women

Adding resistance exercises to your daily routine can burn excess fat, increase lean muscle mass, and improve bone strength and density, along with a whole host of other health benefits. They can also be used for aesthetics, to give an appearance of tone and depth to specific muscle groups and acquire the form that practitioners most desire.

Resistance training is quickly becoming one of the key pillars of a long and healthy life. It’s up there with a nutritious diet, good quality sleep, and staying hydrated.

That’s why we’ve decided to lay out the best upper body workout for women  made up of six of the most effective upper body resistance exercises, enabling you to achieve your dream physique.

Ready? Let’s go!


Upper Body Exercises

For all upper-body exercises, it’s essential to engage and tense your core muscles. This has a double benefit, giving your core abdominal and lower back muscles a good workout whilst simultaneously preventing injury.

Also, if you’re not sure of the weight for any of these exercises, start with a lighter weight. This prevents injury and you can always move up a weight for the next set.

As a final safety point, remember to always stay hydrated when working out! You can end up losing a lot of water through sweat, so it’s important to drink enough water to stay hydrated.

Let’s look at some of the best upper body workout exercises for women and how you can start doing them:


Exercise 1: Dumbbell Punches

A great exercise to get started with are dumbbell punches. This exercise allows you to get warmed up and get your blood pumping whilst letting off some steam.

Dumbbell punches require many of the muscles in your arms. It uses a push and twist motion, ensuring your stabilizer muscles also get a warm-up and workout.

The exercise itself is simple to do and here’s how you can start:

    1. Select your dumbbells and place one in each hand
    2. Raise them to shoulder height and position them in front of you at a vertical angle
    3. Punch the air with one of your dumbbells, making sure not to lock your elbow out
    4. Bring the extended dumbbell back to your shoulder and punch with the other dumbbell at the same time
    5. Continue these alternating punches for 1-2 minutes


Bicep Curls

Bicep curls are a great workout for your arms and play a huge role in developing overall upper-body strength.

Your biceps are important muscles for many everyday motions, including bending your elbow and rotating your forearm.