Asia TV COO Kaushik Izardar says Mind has an intrinsic capacity to live with meaninglessness

Asia TV COO Kaushik Izardar says Mind has an intrinsic capacity to live with meaninglessness

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 19/11/2018

Think you can and you will. Think you cannot and you won’t”

Asia TV COO, Kaushik Izardar in his speech to the entrepreneurs in Mumbai said, “Two things control our mind. First one is our beliefs and second one is our values”.

He added, “The thing you have to remember is that belief is one of the most decisive factors that separate those who succeed from those who don’t. You may think that successful people are extremely talented. Even they are highly talented, a lack of belief will make it much more difficult for them to succeed.”

As someone who has stepped many stairs to reach success, Kaushik Izardar added “Sometimes it takes many years to get that moment what will change your life .So having a self belief can get you started and keep you going. Willpower will help you to stay focused. The ability to manage yourself and keep yourself on the right path despite setbacks or doubts is what gives you success.”

Kaushik added, “In life he has gone through many adversities however he believes the ability to stay on track is very important and that involves self discipline. We should stay focused despite what others think and despite their emotions. The correct attitude is very helpful and needed all time. Your mindset can make or break you. It seems that being positive enables the brain to be more creative and seek solutions whereas negativity just closes your mind to opportunity and makes sure that all you can see is failure.”

According to Kaushik, "Doubt can be a killer. It is the source of so much failure and will certainly get in your way if you want to be successful. Of course you don’t have to listen to the doubts in your mind; you can replace them with faith.”

Continuing his advice to young entrepreneurs, Kaushik said – “Always have conversations with yourself. He suggested locking yourself in a room in absolute privacy, Set up two chairs facing each other. Then sit in one chair and speak out loud, telling the other you in the facing chair why you CANNOT do it and vice versa why you CAN do it. Don’t worry who wins because it is both you. The idea is to listen to your reasons. Express yourself clearly so the other you challenge the reasoning. Once you begin this process, you will probably come to resolution of this conflict that will satisfy you. It works most of the time.”

And lastly he emphasized the faith in you will lift you to overcome any doubts/hurdles you have. “Faith means believing in something that you cannot prove. It is very powerful and increases your willpower and confidence,” he said while signing off.

Great advice for young turks in the country, Kaushik!


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