ASIA TV COO ,Kaushik Izardar says ,“ With the advent of OTT platforms there has to be an opportunity to the  MSO's  to become Digital Service Providers“

ASIA TV COO ,Kaushik Izardar says ,“ With the advent of OTT platforms there has to be an opportunity to the MSO's to become Digital Service Providers“

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 08/01/2019

In the era of rapidly changing technology the MSO/Cable operators should be provided adequate facilities so that they become the DIGITAL SERVICE PROVIDERS (DSP) by giving them last mile support.  As a Media tech company the support should be in terms of huge earning opportunity by means of IT/ Telecom support, e-commerce platform  and financial services. This arrangement will allow a MSO/ cable operator to combat the onslaught of large telcos trying to take over their traditional business on which their livelihood thrives.


With advent of internet, the users have grown close to 500 million which is 40%, compared to China and USA which is 58% and 77% respectively. There is an immense opportunity in India having robust population and consumption of 4.6 hours per capita per day (BCG 2018 Report) still behind China (6.4 hours) and USA (11.8 hours). This being the sector where the policy reform is on the growth rather than monitoring. The government invention in this sector is minimum owing to private sector dominated industry and more focus is being a facilitator and on growth and no regulatory stages in OTT.


“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent but the one most responsive to change “



Internet or OTT TV distribution has several benefits over distribution over coax cable. OTT TV enables the collection of increasingly precise data about individual viewers. These OTT TV viewer data are much more accurate than the viewer data collected from, for instance, viewer panels and allows for much more detailed segmentation.

These more accurate and detailed viewer data allows for better estimates of the audience size when a new programme is to be produced or licensed. Viewer data give OTT Platforms an important information advantage in negotiations with content owners and they also support improved timing of new programme launches.

With increasing competition, 2019 will solidify a new normal in which OTT providers compete on being smarter – both in acquiring or producing high concept originals, and in delivering relevant content to the consumer the way they prefer without compromising quality. There's no doubt that the new OTT model will be ideal for shorter content, but the focus on how content is produced depends on the preference and viewing pattern of viewers. Instead of reducing the length of traditional content, the new OTT model opens up opportunities for creativity and storytelling in a variety of ways to engage viewers according to their needs and giving the option of watching content on different devices in different ways.

With the right delivery network, producing content of various lengths to engage viewers is now possible. This flexibility in watching on different devices opens up different choices for viewers rather than replacing longer shows and movies. New Platforms gives an opportunity to exhibit the content more freely to the content owners.

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