Are you missing out? on more Students for your Learning Center

Are you missing out? on more Students for your Learning Center

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 20/12/2018

Are you an individual who believes in the goodness of sharing knowledge. Teaching someone something they didn't know or knew less.  Let’s assume you are someone who has mastered Yoga and wants to have your own Yoga Center or Studio. We all realize the benefits of Yoga, its been recognized internationally by UN, with 21 June recognized as an International Yoga Day.

Does that mean that if you start your Yoga classes in your area, you will get flock of students the very next day. We are sure; you would wish if that could happen somehow.  

In true sense starting any learning centre, be if for Yoga Classes, a Tuition centre for teaching English language or Maths classes for class 8. All requires many things, beyond your knowledge and ability to teach well.

Any learning center be it Danceworx by Ashley Lobo, or Vidya Mandir Classes for IIT JEE preparation or Cooking classes by Nita Mehta, etc;  took years of time to reach the pinnacle in their field of teaching. These took time, as they started in the age, when there was no internet and had to purely rely on word of mouth for marketing or with a little appetite for spending, could spend small budgets on newspaper inserts advertising or billboards, all of which costs a lot.

What has changed today is that with small effort and investment, you can really spread the work and reach corners of your colony, society or city. All this is possible with simple mind shifts whereby one an create a possibility of reaching hundreds and thousands to people to market your Yoga, Music, Dance, Tuition Classes and anything that you would want to teach.

Here are a few quick tips on how you can brand yourself so that more and more students can reach out and join your classes.

Get Online

As they say in today’s world if your business is not on the internet, it does not exist.  Students, Parents, Individuals are much more aware, concerned and smart in their decision making that they first search online to check your presence through your Dance websites or music websites, or tuition website. As to what is it that you offer, how do you teach or train and how can they reach or contact you. Having a website comes handy to let your prospect students know about you besides other benefits of having a website .

Even if you are someone who provides home tuition, you can always think of having a listing website.  Learn how you can create a website at low cost without any technical hassles.


Become Social

What we are implying is not to go out or hang out with friends or relatives, rather be present on Social Networks like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram or Linkedin, but not on all. It does take a lot of time and effort for social media promotion, to keep your connection with your students through these networks.  So you need to choose the right Social network for your type of teaching, training or coaching. For example, Yoga or Fitness center can leverage Facebook and Instagram to market them. However, one cant expect to master digital marketing without professional guidance. Connect with us how we do it through our community.


Directory Submissions

Create as many possible registrations on different listing website which list businesses and different website's. For example there are many website directory submission sites like Just Dial, Sulekha, Google Business, etc. Always remember to list with a site and use services, from the one which is closest to your niche.



Blogging requires you to create content that your prospect students can read and connect with your teachings. It also helps create a brand or authority in your space of teaching. Blogging content helps create organic growth with Internet audience being able to find you, with your content being both searched and ranked on search engines like Google or being shared on social networking sites. You can learn more about blogging by clicking here


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