An app that can help every tutor manage their teaching business easily and smartly

An app that can help every tutor manage their teaching business easily and smartly

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 26/03/2019

There are apps that let you order food and groceries, there are apps that lets you book cabs, flights or services, and there are apps that let you shop for clothes and electronics on tap.

In a technology driven world, there’s an app for almost everything that needs to be done.

Education has changed radically in the last decade and with new and improved technology tools, it will continue to evolve in the future.

If you are a tutor/teacher who wants to be a part of the technology revolution, you must have an app that lets you do that.

Imagine if there was an app that helped you to:

  1. Manage your classroom/coaching institute smartly
  2. Do repetitive tasks and periodic actions easily
  3. Attract more students and grow your teaching business


Wouldn’t that be great?

Are you a tutor who is eager to use technology to make your life easier?

Here are 5 important features that a perfect app for tutors must have to help every teacher grow and manage their tuition/teaching business easily and smartly.


Feature #1: Class Management


As a teacher, managing your classroom is probably the most time taking (and often boring) task you have to deal with.

In fact, as the number of students in your classroom increase, so will the hassles, pressure and boredom associated with manually managing your class on your own.

Can an app solve this problem?

Yes! A perfect app for tutors will help you manage your entire classroom from your smart phone.

From students name and address to their courses, subjects and age, you can easily take control of your time with a smart classroom management app.

Whenever the ratio of students in your class increases or decreases – you won’t have to manually modify your records every time.

A classroom management app can automatically do the task of updating records for you in few simple steps!

Manually managing your class and students is old – the future classroom will be online in your hands with a student management mobile app for coaching institutes.



Feature #2: Attendance Management


Punctuality in students is associated with smartness, discipline and an inherent will to learn.

As teachers, we all want our students to be attentive and punctual for every class/lecture.

Now imagine keeping a manual attendance record of each student’s performance over a week, month and year – wouldn’t that be time-taking, repetitive and mundane?

Can an app solve this problem?

Yes! A perfect app for tutors must have the feature to help you manage and mark the attendance of your students online.

It should also enable you to also track the daily/weekly/monthly attendance of each student and assess their record easily.

So you get to save paper, time and efforts.

Forget keeping physical copies of student attendance in a register or notebook when an attendance management app for tutors can do this for you in a few simple steps!



Feature #3: Communication Management


Here’s a scenario: a student in your class is skipping lectures and performing poorly. As a teacher, it is your responsibility to notify parents about the child’s recent declining performance.

So you have to send SMS or emails to parents and do what a teacher should do. Now, imagine doing the same for more than 1 student.

Notifying each student separately will take a lot of your time, effort and resources. 

Can an app solve this problem?

Yes! A perfect app for tutors and teachers will allow you to send automatic notifications to parents/guardians at the tap of a button.

Also, if you want to notify students about a new class timing or updated schedule, you should be able to communicate that in few taps only.

An ideal app for tutors should also enable every teacher to set automatic communication updates for special occasions like a parent-teacher meet or festival greetings.

Forget calling and updating your students individually – a student management app can do this for you in one go at the tap of your finger!



Feature #4: Inventory Management                                                                                 


Imagine this scenario: you are an art and craft teacher who likes to offer hobby classes to kids during the weekend. Obviously you require some art supplies and stationery to ensure each child can practice and learn from you.

We have hundreds of things to remember every day – and managing your classroom inventory is another thing to keep in your head.

Can an app solve this problem for you?

Yes! A perfect app for teachers should automatically remind you in advance to refill your inventory.

Whether you are a gym instructor, a craft teacher or a school tutor, it is easy to set periodic reminders to keep your inventory ready for your students.

Thus, an inventory management app for tutors will save you the trouble of missing important deadlines and will also help you to run your tuition/coaching classes smoothly!

Forget keeping sticky notes that get lost – the smarter way is to use an inventory management app for coaching institutes that automatically reminds you to update your stock. 



Feature #5: Lead Management


Getting more leads (or students) to join your tuition/coaching classes is every teacher’s goal.

But with so many different tasks to handle and execute, how can a tutor ensure there’s no leaky bucket?

To grow your teaching business, you must first learn to tap into opportunities or ‘leads’ that come your way.

If you are advertising your tuition/coaching online to attract more students, it is even more important to take advantage of every opportunity.

Can an app solve this problem for you?

Yes! An ideal mobile app for tutors should come with a lead management feature that automatically notifies you as soon as a student/parent wants to contact you.

Whether someone is reaching out to you through social media or connecting with you via your own tuition/coaching website, no lead should go to waste.

Thus, a lead management app for tutors will help you easily manage all your inquiries from your smart phone only and will save you lots of time, frustration and money!


Okay, so what difference will this make to me as a teacher?

There are tools for every profession and industry. So there must be tools for teaching too, which is one of the oldest and noblest professions in the history of mankind.

MillionCenters is an online community that aims to solve the problems faced by both new as well as established teachers, trainers and coaching institutes by giving smart tools and resources. 

So, why are we doing this?

Our aim is to help every tutor maximize their growth and ultimately, their teaching income. We are building a community of smart teachers and learners who can connect with each other easily.

And, how are we doing this?

Firstly, we have already started a community based platform for tutors and teachers where you can join us to find more students online. 

How can you benefit from our online platform and app?

Thousands of students are searching for tutors and teachers like you – by creating a free profile with MillionCenters, you can increase your chances of being found online.

Secondly, we are also working on building the ‘perfect app for every tutor’– we believe technology can solve important problems.

We want to help teachers/trainers to get more opportunities for growth, profitability and ultimately, teaching and training.



Our app for tutors will help you:

  1. Manage your teaching business smartly
  2. Attract more students online
  3. Grow your teaching/tutoring income

Watch this space for more – because soon we are about to launch a simple, easy-to-use and feature rich app for tutors that will help you do more from the power of your smart phone!

Get ready to be a part of the future of teaching with us, now.



Would you like to suggest a feature or tool that you want to feel should be a part of the ‘perfect app for tutors?’ Let us know in the comments below.

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