Amazing health benefits of practicing Carnatic Ragas that you must know

Amazing health benefits of practicing Carnatic Ragas that you must know

  • 19/10/2019

If the west has classical music, the east has Carnatic music. Like classical music that has millions of fans around the globe, India’s Carnatic music has also been loved and revered since its inception in the 14th century.

Melody and rhythm are concepts that make music and Carnatic music has also evolved over centuries to have its own distinctive sense of melody and rhythm that draws listeners from around the globe.

From ‘ragas’ and ‘talas’ to everything in between, Carnatic music started as devotional music and has now evolved into a preferred medium of self-expression.

As much as listening to music and practicing it is good for our soul and inner happiness, the more interesting benefits of Carnatic ragas are for our health, especially our physical health.

In this article, we will talk about the different health benefits of practicing Carnatic ragas for your body

Ahir Bhairav

This raga gives a free and relaxed feeling by mitigating different dust allergies and skin diseases.


This raga helps in alleviating heat related diseases in the body.

Ananda Bhairavi

This raga helps in supressing stomach pains. It also reduces kidney related problems and also helps in controlling blood pressue.


This raga helps in the attainment of your Guru's grace which is good for emotional health.


This raga is known to reduce anxiety,  mental pressure and allergies.


This raga is proven to awaken someone out of deep sleep or mental slumber.


This raga helps in rejuvenation of the mind, while helping one to age gracefully.


This raga gives a positive and peaceful energy both to the singer and the listener.


This raga is known to subdue paralysis and mental disorders.


This rage is helpful in the control of diabetes.


This raga is energy giving and it also enables clear thinking and inner peace.


This raga is good for healing joint and back pains.


This raga is known to improve the digestive power and cure stomach related issues.


This raga gives energy and supresses mental tensions. It is also known to treat inner fear and lack of confidence. 


This raga has helped people get over their anxiety, depression and absent-mindedness.


This raga is goof for the treatment of heart disease and neurosis, worry and distress.


This raga boosts physical energy and reduces stress.


This raga enhances the ability to meditate and facilitates clear thinking.


This raga helps in the prevention of stone formation, treats burning sensations, and also reduces sleeplessness and anxiety.


This raga is known for curing diseases like headache, sleeplessness, and sinus issues.


This raga can help in the treatment of paralysis, giddiness, limb pains etc.

Malaya Maruta

This raga can be useful in awakening someone out of deep sleep

Maya Malava Gowla

This raga has the power to neutralize harmful toxins in the body. It also strengthens the vocals.


This raga can clear out the ill-effects of lust, anger and frustration. It is also known to aid headaches and depression.


This raga helps in treating insomnia.


This raga can cure kidney diseases.


This raga boosts strength and vigour in men.


This raga is helpful in curing back and joint pains.


This raga induces peace and tranquillity in the mind. It can aid better sleep and mindfulness.


This raga is practiced to cure sleeplessness, itching, eye, ear and skin problems.

Sindu Bhairavi

This raga can help in removing sins and sorrows associated with a person.


This is a powerful raga for meditation and the removal of sadness.

Sandhya Kalyani

This raga can be used to cure ear, nose and eye diseases. It also relieves chronic clods.


This raga can cure mental illness, soothes the disturbed mind and restores inner peace.


This raga sharpens the intellect of the singer as well as the listener. It also boosts courage in one's mind and replenishes the body energy.


This raga is known to alleviate mental dilemmas and indecisiveness

Suddha dhanyasi

This raga gives a happy feeling to the singer. It is also known for curing rhinitis and migraine.


This raga mitigates stomach burn, insomnia and fear.


This raga can treat asthma, bronchitis, heart diseases, depression and skin disorders.


This raga is good for a healthy heart, and treating skin ailments and gastric disorders.

Vasanta / Vasanti

This raga can control high and low blood pressure, it also cures heart as well as nervous disorders.


This raga can help in the cure of paralysis.


This raga acts as an energy booster, a tonic for healthy body and mind.

Yamuna Kalyani

This raga gives freshness and energy to the singer as well as the listener.


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