All about Fashion Designing Courses and Careers in India

All about Fashion Designing Courses and Careers in India

  • 29/06/2019

There is a sea change in how youngsters today are envisioning their careers and going for the traditional engineering, medical or management courses are no longer the only preferred choices after the high school exams.

Fashion design has become an extremely popular course among students, especially thosse with a creative bend of mind and who want to pursue their dreams of working in the fashion industry in India and abroad. 


Fashion is not just about making pretty and fancy clothes, it a akin to making a statement and it is a craft that has to be honed and mastered, which is why opting for a full time fashion designing course is a must for anyone who wants to make a mark in this field.

The leading fashion schools in India like have extremely well planned and streamlined courses for their fashion students.

Typically, a fashion designing course is spread across four years and has other areas of fashion technology covered under it:


  • The First Year teaches about Design Princples 360, teaches about understanding communication to deliver exactly what the client wants, discovering and honing new skills and offers a well special Gurukul Wellbeing program.


  • The Second Year of the course teaches about Structure and Form, Expressive Illustration, Digital Design Language and about the Importance of Product Design.


  • The Third Year of the fashion technology course is dedicated to the learning of Fashion Marketing, Textile Knowledge, Fashion Business Management and to the learning of Entrepreneurial Skillset.


  • The Fourth and Final Year is dedicated to the Brand Management, gaining International Exposure, creation of A+ Portfolio and Presentation and of course, towards Placement Practice.

The thing about contemporary fashion design programs is that they do not just help the students with channeling their creativity in the right direction, but also help them by teaching them about the tools and techniques that are required to create and manage a brand, should they go on to establish a brand of their own some day.

The students who graduate are already on the verge of taking on the big challenges that the industry is about to pose for them.



The following are some of the courses you can opt for, when it comes to admission in top fashion designing colleges in India:

1. Textiles course: This offers an introduction to the different types of fabrics and other textiles used in the creation of fashion items. Students get to know about the difference in natural and man-made fabrics, as well as how fabric is manufactured. This course in fashion designing colleges also teaches students about other textiles, such as wool, silk, or cotton.

2. Patternmaking course: This is usually a first-year course in the best fashion designing schools in India, which provides a firm foundation in making patterns used in creating clothing. Students get to learn how to create master patterns that can be used to make a wide variety of garments, and in some programs, sew clothing from the patterns they have created.

3. Tailoring course: The process of fitting a garment to ensure that it drapes properly is referred to as tailoring. This course is built on introductory fashion design coursework, wherein students are taught how patterns influence fit and how they can be adjusted. Some programs may also emphasize on industry standards and use of industrial sewing machines.

4. Computer Assisted Drawing (CAD) course: This focuses on the computer programs that are commonly used in the fashion design industry, as well as how to use CAD to create patterns, fabrics and other designs. Students learn about technical design specifications, terminology and the basics of using CAD. This course is usually offered in the second year of a program.

5. Portfolio development course: It is mandatory for fashion designers to have portfolios that show off their work, skills, and abilities. When you are creating a portfolio, you should be well-aware of how to design and put together a collection. Students may also work with runway productions and learn about fitting models, and also incorporate music and other aspects. By the end of the course, students often create final portfolio to produce a runway show.


When all these aspects are covered, a student in fashion industry is ready to enter the highly complex and competitive world of fashion industry.

This industry operates on a very different level and yet the number of corporate houses working here is staggering.

If a student is willing to work hard, then he or she can make a mark by quickly rising through the ranks of a fashion house.

On the other hand, if a student aspires to be a designer, then he or she must bring all their creativity to focus and create something new and unique which will immediately grab the attention of people!

If you are looking for fashion design courses and institutes in Delhi, you can find them easily with today!

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