All about Fabric Painting and 5 Different Ways You Can Try It

All about Fabric Painting and 5 Different Ways You Can Try It

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 12/11/2018

Art is fun and we all know that!


Are you interested in learning up a cool new craft hobby? Fabric Painting can be the perfect way to stay creative while making something stylish and unique by yourself!


The landscape of fabric painting has changed at present altogether since the introduction to acrylic paints.


Not only has the process become a lot easier, but it has also become versatile. Unlike the past, wherein the technique was applied to fewer materials, now the technique is being applied to even clothes that are made of cotton, silk, and khadi.


Keep on reading to find out about Fabric painting and the different techniques with which you can try your hands at it -


What is Fabric Painting?

Fabric painting is a way of building colourful pictures and designs with paints and brushes.  Being one of the oldest forms of art, it does not need any special mention. It came to the fore when Egyptians started colouring the clothes they used to wear.

At present - fabric painting is considered one of the simplest ways to paint one’s own fabric.  It has the potential to transform a lacklustre and plain fabric into something special with the use of brushes and paints.

Let us take a look at some simple techniques of fabric painting using which you can learn this creative hobby.

Fabric Painting techniques for Beginners

Are you fond of designs but are not sure how to do fabric painting? If your answer is in the affirmative, all you need to do is invest some time with fabric painting materials and get familiar with this craft activity.


Any form of painting necessitates a steady hand and attention to detail. But with enough knowledge, time and practice – anyone can get artsy and craftsy with fabric painting!


These elements make painting a challenging prospect both for painters and those who have a liking for the art and creativity. 


Given below is a list of some ingenious yet simple fabric painting ideas and techniques to get you started -


Freehand Painting