A New Way to Find the Perfect Teacher for your learning is here

A New Way to Find the Perfect Teacher for your learning is here

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 12/09/2018

Education is often considered the bedrock for all other sectors and it is estimated that the global private tutoring market will surpass 100 billion USD by 2018. Countries like India, China, Europe and United States are contributing majorly to the growth of tutoring business with a rapid rise in cutting-edge technologies and on-demand tutor platforms.

The education industry is still largely fragmented and relies on conventional means like word of mouth for promotion. Although cost and accessibility are still two of the biggest entry barriers in the private tuition industry, the rise of online tutor websites and apps are trying to present a new way of learning and teaching.

Although the demand for online courses and e-learning is rising exponentially, there is still a large strata of the society that relies on (and prefers) learning from a real tutor physically.

As compared to virtual or online learning, people still feel that a physical teacher-student connect helps learners to expand their skills, get real-time feedback and stay motivated to work towards their goals. 

In the debate between real versus virtual, a more important question still remains unaddressed -  

How can one really find the right teacher or tutor to match their learning needs and requirements?

To address this pressing concern, 1on1 has emerged as an online tutor platform that connects educators (experts) and learners (clients). They are here to solve a problem and minimize the wastage of precious resources like time, money and reach on a global scale. 

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As a tutoring platform app, it helps to promote teachers and tutors by giving them more exposure to students near them. On the other end, 1on1 acts as a bridge for students that want to find the right tutors for all their needs. Thus, 1on1 acts as a tutoring  and skill exchange platform that helps both teachers and students connect with each other as per their convenience, requirements and needs. 

If you too are looking for the best tutor website for yourself or your children, it’s time to explore 1on1 – a global tutor resource sharing platform. Their platform isn’t only limited to school or college subjects, as users can also  learn hobbies like music and vocational skills like a new language through their app. 

Founded in 2016 by Zhuang Yun Hao (CEO) and Lin Yan Kuang (CTO), 1on1 is ready to take the world of private tutoring and learning by storm. By combining their technology with business expertise, the team at 1on1 is already catering to a growing user base of 2500+ cases since their launch. The team at 1on1 are passionate about revolutionizing the tuition and learning industry with technology and is already assisting educators and learners in more than 130+ countries.

Finding the right tutor for your learning needs is now as easy as booking a cab or shopping for products from your phone!

As the world’s largest skill exchange platform, anyone can use 1on1 to search for skills, tasks, tuitions and activities in more than 130 countries. Plus, if you want to share your knowledge with others, you can also sign up as a tutor on their platform. 

The registration process is simple – users just need to visit the website, sign up as a member and start searching for the perfect tutors and trainers for their learning needs. Once a class is completed, payment can be done as per agreement. 

With the power of internet and technology, anyone can start learning and teaching on 1on1 – an online tutor website and skill exchange platform that makes learning simple, effective and time-saving. Check out the 1on1 website now and sign up to become a part of the new way to learn and teach.

Team MillionCenters wishes 1on1 more power and success in their future endeavors! 



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