A Definitive Guide to the Best Chocolate Making Classes and Courses in Delhi NCR

A Definitive Guide to the Best Chocolate Making Classes and Courses in Delhi NCR

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 20/06/2018

Creamy, Milky, Luscious, Delightful - you can give chocolate different names but the love for it will always remain the same!

They say true happiness lies in not just eating chocolates but also learning and indulging in the art of chocolate making. Plus, the satisfaction one gets from creating a homemade chocolate recipe from their own hands is simply out of this world! 


There is a unique charm and a special feeling associated with a homemade chocolate that you can share with your friends, family, co-workers and basically anyone who has a special place in your heart. 



If you always wanted to make your own chocolates and spread the sweet (or bitter) taste with people, this is the perfect time to join a chocolate making class or course near you. Delhi is home to many professional chocolate making and confectionery courses for kids as well as adults and if you're ready to prepare your own homemade chocolate recipe, read this article to find out about the best chocolate making classes in Delhi. 


Whether you want to make chocolates at home as a hobby or start your own little cafe business, these professional chocolate making courses will get you started on your personal journey that tastes, smells and feels great! 


#1 Smell and Taste Institute



A premier baking and chocolate making institute in Delhi, Smell and Taste institute is led by Ms. Meenakshi Nath who has a cumulative experience of 15+ years in teaching the art of chocolate making.Located in Rohini, this institute offers a wide variety of chocolate making courses to beginners and intermediates and if you're in the mood for learning the art of making delicious chocolates, this one is a must try. 


In addition to chocolate making courses, you can also sign up for dessert making, baking as well as many other professional cooking courses here. Learn from expert culinary teachers and professional food trainers at the Smell and Taste institute in Delhi and take your passion for creating to the next level.


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#2 Craft and Social Development Organization



If you're the creative type who wants to take leaps in the art of chocolate making, look no further than Craft and Social Development Organization (CSDO) in Lajpat Nagar. Led by culinary and craft expert Sunita Bhasin since 20+ years, this institute is perfect for housewives who are looking for a creative hobby to learn in their free time. 


With comprehensive learning modules and professional teachers, anyone can easily learn to make chocolate truffles, handmade chocolates, cup-cakes and many more delectable patisserie items. If you're searching for a professional chocolate making course in South Delhi, do give this one a try. 


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#3 Manju Mittal Cookery House


Learning cooking, baking and chocolate making is not only a great way to feed your tummy but also a creative hobby to bring out your talent. Manju Mittal believes in the same philosophy and she offers a variety of professional cooking and chocolate making courses at her cookery house in Delhi. 


Located in Pitampura, you can sign up to learn both beginner as well as advanced level confectionary courses at this institute. From learning how to create chocolate cookies and cakes to understanding the art of creating different fillings and flavours in chocolates, there's a lot to learn when you have more than 75+ cooking and baking courses to choose from!


The atmosphere at Manju Mittal's Cookery House is friendly for learners and this academy is catering to females only. 


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#4 Art Chocolat Academy of Chocolate Arts



Want to get into the details and nuances of professional chocolate making? Join Art Chocolat Academy of Chocolate Arts and learn about traditional as well as contemporary chocolate making techniques such as - tempering, dipping, decorating, moulding and much more. Learn to prepare caramels, marshamallows, liquor filled chocolates and add a new dimension to learning the art of chocolate making from professionals. 


This institute offers a gamut of confectionary courses in Delhi and if you're interested to be a part of the community of chocolate lovers, this is a great place to start! From chocolate making and tasting to chocolate packing, learn from expert culinary and confectionary professionals at the Art Chocolat Academy of Chocolate Arts located in Greater Kailash, South Delhi. 


This academy also offers chocolate making workshops for individuals as well as groups. 


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#5 Sarika Cookery Arts



Whether you want to learn chocolate making (with or without filling) or learn cake decoration, Sarika Cookery Arts offers a number of professional chocolate making courses in Delhi. Classes are available for children, teenagers, working women and housewives. You can choose between beginner as well as advanced level chocolate making classes under the guidance of Ms. Sarika, the chief cooking and baking instructor. 


Located in Noida, Sarika Cookery Arts (Culinary 'n' Baking Arts Studio) is perfect for anyone who is interested to learn chocolate making in a friendly environment with professional culinary and baking experts. If you are searching for the best chocolate making classes in Noida, this one is a definite must try!


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Ready to Learn?


Does the heavenly aroma of chocolates entice your soul? Do you want to learn the wonderful art of making chocolates at home? If the answer is yes, these top chocolate making courses and academies will help you hone your culinary and baking skills in no time! 


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Baking is a fantastic hobby and chocolate making is a beautiful art to discover the inner artist in you. We hope you liked knowing about the best chocolate making classes in Delhi NCR with us! Whether you are a complete beginner or already have knowledge about making chocolates, it's time to start learning now. 


If you think we might have missed something, do let us know in the comments below. 


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