8 Positive Reasons Why Hiking is Good for Your Health

8 Positive Reasons Why Hiking is Good for Your Health

  • 26/03/2020

8 Positive Reasons Why Hiking is Good for Your Health


Hiking is an activity that everyone knows is good for them in some way, but no one has any particular reason as to why it benefits them.


Whether you’re middle-aged or a kid, there is bound to be a hiking trail that’s up to your speed. Therefore, you will always have the chance to experience the benefits that come with hiking.


On that note, one of the biggest reasons why people like hiking is because it gives them a variety of health benefits.


How is hiking good for your health, you ask? Well, here are eight ways hiking is good for your overall health:

1. Hiking clears the mind and reduces stress

For a lot of people, hiking helps clear their minds from all the noise that their average day brings.


Since hiking requires you to get away for a bit from all the hustle and bustle, it certainly helps reduce people’s stress. According to some studies, being out and about in nature has natural stress-relieving properties.


People don’t get the chance to go out in nature as part of their day-to-day, so it makes sense that going hiking helps them reduce stress. After all, it’s a chance to go out in nature and be in the moment.

2. Hiking makes us happier

Rumination is a psychological term for a series of worries and anxieties that people have that get them deep into their own minds.


Too much rumination can lead to a lot of negative thoughts playing over and over in one’s head. If a person has depression, then it can flare up depressive thoughts if one engages in rumination too often.


With hiking, you expose yourself to nature and helps you indulge in fewer ruminations. Thus, leading to you decreasing your negative thoughts.


Since hiking helps you get deep into nature, it taps into a subconscious part of our ancient selves that work better in nature.

3. Hiking improves sleep quality

In our everyday life, we are exposed to all sorts of stimuli and it’s never-ending. Of course, since stimuli are meant to stimulate us, too much exposure to them can make it hard for you to fall asleep because your brain is still working.


If you don’t find a way to better your sleeping situation, you might find yourself suffering from insomnia.


One way to improve the quality of your sleep is simply by walking out or hiking more in nature. It lessens your exposure to an incessant amount of stimuli.


Your hike doesn’t have to be a week-long trip. It can be short and sweet but it can still help better your overall sleep quality.

4. Improve your memory through hiking

Something that you might not know hiking can help you with is your ability to memorize things.


It might seem like these two things have no relation to each other whatsoever, but a study found that the more people are into hiking, the better their memory seems to be.


If you want to stimulate your brain, then why not work your body along with it and go hiking?

5. Hiking reduces anxiety and depression

As mentioned before, being out in the great outdoors helps reduce anxiety and depression. One way it does so is because it helps reduce rumination. Another way is because it helps lower stress levels.


In addition, hiking reduces anxiety and depression because it involves breathing consciousness, which helps relax the mind.

6. Helps Lose Weight

Hiking is a physical activity at the end of the day. So if you want to lose weight without going to the gym, then try hiking regularly.


Instead of lifting weights, you’ll be lifting your pack and your hiking poles.

7. Hiking can Be Social

If you feel a little lonely, then you can also go on a hiking trip with friends and family. There are even hiking groups that you can join if none of your friends or family are available for the trip.


Hiking is a physical activity that can be really social or solitary, whichever you prefer.

8. Hiking Provides New Experiences

Hiking is a physical activity and hobby that you can do anywhere in the world. Plus, it allows you to see sights you wouldn’t have otherwise.


If you’re an avid traveler, then you might as well get into hiking so that you can experience all sorts of things in your hike.




Hiking offers plenty of health benefits, which you may or may not know. If you’re looking for a physical activity as a hobby that offers a lot of versatile advantages, then hiking is definitely going to be worth your while.

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