7 Tips to shoot and edit double exposure photography

7 Tips to shoot and edit double exposure photography

  • 16/07/2019

If photography is your passion and you want to create frames which are different than the traditional frame, then try multiple exposures.

With this technique, you can overlay various images on each other and create a frame of your dream.

This amazing photography technique is known as ‘Double Exposure’ photography.



What is Double Exposure photography?

In simple terms, double exposure photography refers to creating a single frame by superimposing two or more images on each other.

The aim of using this technique is to add humour or emotions to the image. With the help of this technique, a photographer can add various urban scenes in one frame, use nature's image to create a shadow of the model, etc.

Double Exposure technique is mostly used to create silhouettes. Double exposure frames can easily be created using Adobe Photoshop and a digital camera.

This technique is all about using one's creativity to create a dreamlike image.

Whether you are a complete beginner who wants to learn the basics of photography or an experienced photographer ready to take up new challenges, we have discussed some double exposure photography tips which may help you in creating some exceptional frames by using multiple exposures in a single image.


Tips to Shoot and Edit Intriguing Multiple Exposures:


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#1 Make Sure You Have the Right Equipment

The very first thing that you need for double exposure photography is the right equipment. An important thing to note is that not all the cameras have multiple exposure features in them.

If you still want to try this technique, then you can get it either on rent or can borrow it from someone. If you have the budget, then you can always buy a new one.

Once you have the right camera focus on other accessories including a flash, right background (depending on your requirement), a tripod and a cable for shutter release.


 #2 Know Your Camera's Multiple Exposure Feature

The multiple exposure mode works differently in different cameras. Hence, before you start shooting images, it's essential to get familiar with the feature.

Read the details given the manual, practice before the shooting day, and get comfortable with the process.

Some camera not only allows you to take multiple exposures in one image, but they even give you the freedom to use any of the previous images.

Hence, if you are planning to go for outdoor photography, having a clear understanding of the multiple exposure feature of your camera is essential.


  #3 Use the Tilt-shift Effect

By using double exposure frames, you can also go for giving a Tilt-shift effect to your image. This means that to create this effect, there is no need to buy a tilt-shift camera anymore.

You can get this by using Photoshop. In Photoshop, there is a tool known as Tilt-Shift tool. By using this too, you can create tilt-shift effect along with multiple exposure technique.

How to use this effect to create an extraordinary portrait totally depends on your creativity and imagination.

You can either go for blurring one image or can blur everything except the one thing which you want to highlight.

There is no end to creativity. So, be flexible and think out of the box.


 #4 Create a Double Exposure Diptych

If you are interested in creating an artistic image, then Diptych is a perfect option for you.

The Diptych is a collage which is created by using two different images.

A right combination of double exposure and Diptych can help you in creating an awesome collage.

Besides clicking two images in one frame, you can use the dual exposure mode to check how the two images look when put in the same frame.

If they have that appealing factor, then you can use them to create a Double Exposure Diptych.

With this technique, you can make viewers see your vision and understand your story.

Try this helpful tutorial on diptych photography for beginners and intermediates.


#5 Convert Your Results to Black and White

Another way to create an exceptional image by using Double Exposure technique is by converting your pictures to black and white.

A black and white image created by using a double exposure mode strengthens the subject's emotions.

As the lack of colours enables viewers to have their total focus on the main subject, you can get some stunning results.


#6 Work With Silhouettes on

A silhouette is a shape, shadow, or contour of a subject. Using multi-exposure feature with silhouettes on, allows the photographers to create some unique images.

Photographer can use any silhouettes. It can be of any person or any object. A photographer can combine the selected silhouettes with the images clicked and create some dreamy photos.


 #7 Merge Two Double Exposures

Another way of using Double Exposure to create an exceptional image is by merging 2 double exposures.

You can always go for merging images for the same subject. You can mix them in one area or can give some space.

Such images create a feeling of curiosity and confusion among the viewers.

Double Exposure technique gives the photographer freedom to experiment and create some beautiful and dreamy images.


Final Thoughts


Passionate photographers who love to create unique frames, they love using this technique as it gives a chance to outstand other photographers.

Nowadays, many photographers are using this technique. Even the camera manufacturers have added this feature in their digital cameras. This allows photographers to create multiple exposure images on their own, without depending on Photoshop. 

We hope this helps and inspires you to take up double exposure photography!

Don’t be afraid to try, yes it might look or feel scary at first but once you get the basics right, you will be creating some amazing photos!

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