7 Tips on How to Behave on the Interview

7 Tips on How to Behave on the Interview

  • Jane Evans
  • 01/12/2019

7 Tips on How to Behave on the Interview

There is a steady rise of job seekers in the job market and to ensure you fall into the 'hired' category, you have to ace the interview. To this end, preparation is key as no one knows how the interview process will pan out. Further, there are certain rules of engagement to help you weather the storm and stand out in a long list of applicants. Here are 7 relevant tips on how to behave while on the interview.

1. Have a Sharp Look

You've learned all the useful creative skills out there but there's nothing quite as intimidating as sitting before a new face. So, what do you do? Look sharp. This applies to your appearance with what you pick to wear and your demeanor. For one, dress in line with the industry and position. Ensure your clothes don't have a jaded look. What's more, you should wear what you feel confident in, which almost always draws a response from interviewers. Overall, a neat and professional look is important.

2. Be on Time

Being early is easier to imagine but few people seldom stick to this tip. It's in bad taste to show up late to an interview. No matter the argument, it shows you lack respect for your potential workplace and that would seem to be a behavior you'd follow through on. Further, arriving late leaves your thoughts all over the place. You're unprepared and fidgety. If your interview is scheduled for 8 am, be there between 10 and 20 minutes before the interview takes off. This way, you have time to gather yourself for the process and also show you're serious about the position.

3. Come Prepared

When figuring out what to do in an interview, never leave out the fact that you have to be prepared. Have a copy and an extra of all your vital documents and references. Also, study some more about the industry you want to work in. Interviews are miniature exams even though they're often on a lighter note. With adequate preparation, you'll feel confident and comfortable answering and asking relevant questions.

4. Be a Willing Listener

How else will you know what's being said or respond accordingly? It's a no-brainer that you have to pay attention. It's one of the key areas of interviews. Also, with nothing set in stone, you can acquire listening skills. A willing listener will pick up on vital points interviewers are passing along. This helps you answer key questions.

5. Maintain Eye Contact

Eye contact doesn't just show you're interested in the conversation but it also shows you're confident to engage in any conversation. Of course, it's not so easy to maintain eye contact, especially when you have to stare for long periods or have the interviewers direct their gaze on you. Try to practice this step and while in, avoid looking at the door, clock and anything that might draw your attention. Be focused on why you're there with good non-verbal behaviors including seating upright.

6.  Answer Questions with True Details

With positive energy, try to provide true details centered on the questions asked. Lying about anything while on the interview will ultimately backfire when your potential employer conducts some due diligence on you. Further, be accurate with details about your previous employment, achievements and why you left. It's great to understand the question and ask for clarity when you don't. In all, be respectful to interviewers.

7. Ask Important Questions

During the process, there normally comes a moment when you're allowed to ask questions. Don't waste it. This is the opportunity to get familiar with happenings in the workplace. Also, it will show you have a genuine interest in the job. Questions to ask include:

  • How will working for you improve my chances of career development?
  • What are the processes in place to help me immediately be of value to your organization?
  • Is there another step to the hiring process?

These are the questions your interviewer should be able to answer.


After doing your bit at the interview, do well to send a thank you note after. It is a touch of class anyone would appreciate. Also, follow-up on the process by checking your mails and other information, so you're always in the know.


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