7 Silly Excuses That Stop You From Taking Up a New Hobby

7 Silly Excuses That Stop You From Taking Up a New Hobby

  • 09/08/2019

We all get in the habit of watching people do cool things like dancing, painting, music and many more amazing activities.

We often say to ourselves “I wish I could do that” and then go back to our daily lives.

None of those people could do it either – until they could. They started by taking it up as a hobby, following through, and mastering it.

So many of us lie to ourselves about why we can’t do all the cool things we see other people doing.

We make long lists of excuses and never get around to finding fulfilling hobbies that bring us satisfaction.

Are you also making any of these excuses to not learn a new hobby?

It’s time for us to debunk the myths for you!


Excuse #1: “It’s Too Expensive”

It’s technically true that some hobbies are expensive. A lot of people don’t want to take the plunge to buy equipment and incur other costs as a result of starting a hobby.

A great workaround is to look for deals that can help you learn.

Many places that host classes or hobbies will run discount coupons or allow you to purchase a certain amount of classes or sessions for a reduced rate during their slower season.

Keep an eye on websites like Groupon. You’ll be able to try hobbies at an affordable price before reworking the budget and committing to them.


Excuse #2: “I Can’t Find a Teacher”

Thanks to the Internet, you don’t need a teacher for just about any hobby. YouTube is full of tutorial channels for a million things.

You can learn cooking, sewing, knitting, painting, origami, surfing, skateboarding, and many other activities for free. If you can’t afford a teacher, use a free teacher.

Want to learn dancing, painting, sewing or baking? So, what if you cannot find a good teacher near you! 

There are some amazing online websites to learn something new – and that too by only spending few minutes every day!


Excuse #3: “I Don’t Have Time”

A lot of people who say they don’t have time actually have plenty of time – they’re just too busy wasting it to notice.

Some people spend up to two hours a day mindlessly scrolling through social media and effectively learning nothing.

If you took half of your social media time and spent it on your hobby, you’d have the best of both worlds.

If you took almost all of your social media time and spent it productively instead, you might be surprised what you can accomplish.

For those who want to make time for their hobbies, here is our guide on time management that can help you.


Excuse #4:  “I Don’t Have Anyone to Go With”

You can do anything alone, from grocery shopping to traveling to a foreign country. Plenty of hobbies don’t require teams.

If you insist on having companions, consider this. You probably do team building exercises at work.

Suggest your prospective new hobby as a team building exercise for work and see if your company can incorporate it in their schedule! 

If you all go to a ceramics class together, it might be easy to convince your coworkers who enjoyed it to make it a regular event.

Also, you can look for hobby clubs in your city and bond with like-minded people who share the same interests as you.


Excuse #5: “I’m Not Even Sure What I Like”

Some people don’t pick up hobbies because they’re not sure what they’d enjoy doing. Admittedly, it’s kind of impractical to try everything under the sun and decide which thing works best for you.

If you’re unsure, consider how to turn something you already enjoy or already do into a hobby! 

Do you cook dinner every night? Take cooking classes and work on your skills!

Do you take care of your lawn? Consider gardening and build your own garden!

It’s a small step that can help you appreciate and master your daily routines through turning them into fun activities and hobbies.

Once you know what you like - here are 3 easy ways you can cultivate a hobby from scratch.


Excuse #6:  “I Have More Productive Things to Do”

If you like to be as efficient as possible, you might not feel like a hobby is productive.

If this is the case for you, make learning your hobby.

Invest in yourself - pick up a new skill with a practical application that can help you excel in your professional life.

Did you know: there are hobbies that are good for your career growth!

For example – learning a foreign language is an excellent hobby for people who want better career opportunities.

Free online classes relevant to your industry can become your hobby, and they’ll improve your professional prowess.


Excuse #7:  “I’m Too Stressed Out”

If you’re stressed out, you actually need a hobby.

Many hobbies reduce stress by giving you something rewarding or relaxing to focus on. 

Highly stressed people might benefit greatly from taking up yoga as a hobby, as it’s been proven to improve mood and reduce the effects of stress.

Watercolor painting and reading are also excellent relaxing hobbies for people who want an easy way to unwind.

Your hobby can become the best part of your day, you just need to find the right one! 

Looking for a hobby to relax and unwind? Check out these 7 stress-relieving hobbies you can pick up. 


Still Making Silly Excuses?


Everyone deserves to have a fulfilling hobby, and so do you – it’s an act of self care that will enrich you as a person. 

So, stop making excuses for yourself and start making promises to yourself.

Remember: a life spent learning is a life worth living!

Reprioritize a few things, choose something you like, and get involved in your new hobby.

If you’re ready to learn, find hobby classes near you with MillionCenters.com and experience the joy of learning!





About Author:

Sienna Walker is an ex-tutor, an experienced traveler, and an ardent advocate of lifelong-learning and self-improvement. She spends hours on the net, participating in online courses and watching motivational YouTube videos. If you ever reach her Twitter @SiennaWalkerS feel free to say “hi”.

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