7 Interesting Health Trends That are Here to Stay

7 Interesting Health Trends That are Here to Stay

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 07/02/2017

"I will be a healthier and fitter me this year"

Want to know what are the top health and wellness trends 2020?

Well, we are no experts but we have our forecast for what is going to shape the health and fitness industry this year and according to surveys, here are the top trends that will have wellness and fitness enthusiasts talking in 2020:

1. Multifunctional Health Beverages

Health enthusiasts are trying new beverages which are high on nutrients and anti-oxidants, and light on calories. Rose-chip Hibiscus tea, Kanji and Matcha teas are some of the big hits. Kanji, often referred to as Desi Wine, is perfect for the Indian palate. Made with dark red carrots or beetroot, this fermented concoction regulates bowel movements and cleanses the system.

2. Plant-based protein

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Another healthy lifestyle trend is Meat is no longer the only protein source for the health-conscious; plant-based protein is the new craze. Pea and hemp-based powders can be used to make smoothies, chapattis and whatnot.

3. Nesting is the new going out

People want me-time on weekends instead of going out after working hard five days a week. And this trend can be easily instantiated by the cosy aesthetic photographs that populate our Instagram feeds. There is no other feeling like curling up in a warm blanket with a good book and a hot cuppa on a winter weekend.

4. Creative Diets

If we talk about nutrition trends 2020, Gluten, grains and dairy are being replaced by cauliflower rice, nut and seed milks, and vegan cheese. The definition of eating healthy is evolving to include things like turmeric-based recipes and Zucchini noodles, popularly known as Zoodles. Organic and ugly produce are occupying plates; and cooking oil companies are proud to flash extra-light on the packs!

5. Fibrous Food

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Avoiding the greasy burgers and flocking to the fruit and veggies basket is the new trend. There a growing awareness that eating fibrous foods gives you glowing skin, shiny hair, strong nails, and keeps digestion problems away. Dietary fibre also controls your blood sugar level and aids in weight loss. So, we do realise that healthy living requires healthy eating.

6. Fitness Fever

Kick-boxing, Pilates, body weight training, and high-intensity workouts like circuit training are gaining ground as people are on the lookout for the best workouts to stay fit. They are also taking their gym exercises and weekly workout plans more seriously; there a plethora of apps to monitor performance! These apps are going to create future trends in healthcare sector.

7. Mind over Matter

Massages, spas and all things wellness are going in-room in hotels. Stress-fighting super herbs are trendy; mental health awareness seminars and yoga retreats are becoming popular. Mental health was a big topic of discussion in 2020, and this trend is here to stay, justifiably so. Health is all about physical AND mental well-being, after all.


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