7 Inspiring Websites for Free Online Education

7 Inspiring Websites for Free Online Education

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 18/04/2017

“A man learns all his life, and dies the day he thinks he has learnt everything”

Online education is a powerful medium to learn what your heart desires and improve yourself, personally and professionally. While e-learning still might not be the most viable alternative to traditional learning, it is still, an excellent medium to offer free learning to students and professionals. Whether it’s the exorbitant tuition cost or lack of customization in traditional educational ideologies, online learning has quickly risen as one of the most popular means for digital and mobile learning around the world.

Thus, if you too want to make the most of the e-learning options around you, we present 7 websites that will offer you a wide variety of free learning courses online.

1. Coursera

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An online platform which enables users to take educational coursed from top universities like Stanford and Yale, coursera.org is a phenomenal web resource to take your online learning game to the next level. With more than 2000+ courses to explore, users can browse according to their preferences, subjects and learning abilities. Plus, you can even try their sample courses, video lectures and assignments without any commitment. The best part – the Coursera app is available for both iOS and Android smartphone/tablet users.

2. Khan Academy

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An online coaching website available in 35 languages which allows students the liberty to learn as per their own pace and preferences, khanacademy.org is perfect for learners who cannot afford a tuition or coaching and want to learn all the traditional subjects such as mathematics, computers, economics, art, science and history, right from kindergarten till high school and beyond. To further enhance the online learning experience, Khan Academy has partnered with NASA, California Academy of Sciences, MIT and Museum of Modern Art.

3. TedEd

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TedEd utilizes video lessons to engage with learners online and offers lessons in animated format. With a global network of 250,000 teachers, ed.ted.com has quickly grown from an idea-sharing community to an extensive platform that serves countless teachers and students online. Plus, their website provides inspirational stories from the life of motivational speakers, educational experts, achievers and leaders around the world as TED Speakers, TED Conferences, TEDx and TED Talks.

4. Codecademy

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Technology is at the heart of digital revolution and if you too want to sharpen your coding skills, look no further than Codecademy.com as a full circle interactive coding company which will help you learn to code in various languages. Whether you want to create a website of your own or develop a mobile app, Codecademy is an amazing platform to get you started on your learning journey for free. Even if you have no prior experience or interaction with coding, you can easily learn the tricks of the trade in an engaging and fun based learning curve.

5. EdX

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Want a taste of how it feels to learn at top colleges and universities like MIT, Harvard, Berkeley and others? edx.org is an online course provider that offers free courses and classes in a wide breadth of subjects, streams and interests. It hosts entry-level online courses in multiple disciplines worldwide and is the perfect place to get the knowledge you need to succeed in life. From engineering and electronics to food and philosophy, edx.org is the place to be if you are looking for free online courses on the internet.

6. Academic Earth

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A website which offers traditional as well as contemporary learning modules online for students, Academic Earth has collaborated with reputed universities such as MIT, Oxford and Stanford to enable e-learners to learn a wide array of subjects and disciplines through videos. You can find your favourite subjects and your dream universities to get started with the learning process and even get your hands on academic playlists curated from the most interesting online courses on academicearth.org

7. Udemy

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When it comes to learning, one size doesn’t fit all and that’s exactly where Udemy comes in. Working with the top professors and universities from around the globe, Udemy.com brings more than 45,000 courses online and allows users to learn on any platform they prefer. Plus, their courses can be customized as per your learning pace and one can even build custom coursed from a huge directory of lessons available online. From animation to advanced excel and beyond, you can learn whatever your heart desires for free.

Whether you are young, middle aged or old, learning is an integral part of life and one must keep the curiosity alive. From casual to serious learners, these amazing online resources are the best way to get started with learning free courses online and improving yourself. To become a more successful, more productive or simply more aware version of yourself, get your hands on these e-learning websites and let the learning begin!

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