7 Important Qualities Every Play School Teacher Must Have

7 Important Qualities Every Play School Teacher Must Have

  • 21/05/2019

Teachers shape our lives.  They give us new things to learn and new opportunities to explore the world around us.

This is especially true for play school teachers – they deal with small children who have little to no sense of their surroundings and so they have an extra sense of responsibility on their shoulders.

An ideal play school teacher should go the extra mile to give enough knowledge, attention and opportunities to young kids.

But what exactly makes an ‘ideal’ play school teacher? Is it the knowledge, the behaviour or the teaching experience?

Are you wondering how to be a good pre/play school teacher? 

In this article, we will discuss about some important qualities and good characteristics that every play school teacher should have.

So keep these teaching tips for preschool teachers in mind and be better at what you are! 


7 Important Qualities for a Play School Teacher:


  1. Knowledge:  A teacher must know how to address the children, and what and how to teach them. He or she should be up to date with the knowledge in order to make the children aware about what all is happening in the world. Apart from textbook knowledge, you should also be able to share your personal experiences as little pearls of wisdom for your students. 


  1. Patience: The teacher must have the most important quality that is patience. All children learn at their own pace, so patience is a must have virtue for every teacher dealing with young children at a playschool. Patience will help you avoid frustration and bond better with your young students. The more patient your are with young children, the better you'll be able to teach and train them. 


  1. Energy: The teacher should have an engaging personality, which makes the kids comfortable in the learning environment. Also, having high energy levels will help you to stay on toes with young children who are always looking for new things/tasks to engage in. Keeping up your energy levels on top will help a pre-school teacher make the most of your busy schedule. 


  1. Innovation: The children learn faster when they are involved in learning activities. The teacher should come up with innovative ideas to make learning fun. An ideal play school teacher must have new tricks in their bag to keep the kids happy, active and interested. If you cannot think of any innovative ways to teach, you can consult other teachers for ideas. 


  1. Organisation: Self-organization is the ability to manage multiple tasks and responsibilities. As a play school teacher, you will have a busy schedule – playing with children, talking to parents, giving feedback are just few of the many things you’ll have to manage. When you're self-organized, it'll be easier to manage your hectic schedule and stay relaxed. 


  1. Confidence: Confidence is one quality which a mentor must have. It builds trust in the hearts of children and they are kept engaged. A confident teacher can easily inculcate confidence in their students, no matter how young or small they are.


  1. Compassion: Lastly, a play school teacher should be compassionate; he or she should help kids who are not good at keeping pace with the other kids. An ideal play school teacher should understand and empathize with different children and their unique needs or conditions.


In Conclusion


Teaching is a noble profession and a wonderful opportunity to make a difference to the society.

As a play school teacher, the way you carry yourself can make or break the future of your little students. Everything from your behaviour to your actions count so it’s important to be at your best possible.  

So, keep in mind the above qualities and strive to achieve them in your overall personality.

These qualities and characteristics will not only help you become a better pre/play school teacher but will also enhance your overall personality in life.

Happy Teaching!


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