7 Fun Hobbies for Lazy People (That Aren't Watching Netflix or Sleeping)

7 Fun Hobbies for Lazy People (That Aren't Watching Netflix or Sleeping)

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 14/12/2018

If being lazy was a hobby – I would be the most passionate person in the world

Are you a lazy bone? Do you wish to break the monotony of your daily life?

If your answer is ‘Yes’ – then this post will guide you with some hobbies for lazy people.

Now, don’t just skip through yet – we know you are too lazy to probably read through to the end of this post.

Being lazy is nice and comforting, but have you ever wondered with a fun hobby or pastime, you can not only get a break from the boring but also get many more benefits in life?



All you need to do is get along with the right hobby ideas to spice up your lazy life.  

After all, you live only once, right!

Curious to know what are some interesting hobby ideas for lazy people?

Get started with these 7 fun hobbies (that aren’t watching television or Netflix) –




Reading is one of those simple yet interesting indoor hobbies which bring a host of benefits to the table for every individual.

Be it fiction, non-fiction, biography or self-help – reading as a hobby is one of the best ways to pass your time doing something productive.

If page-flipping is not the option you are willing to explore, you can also try out audio books. Whether you are on the go or on the move, you can easily tune into a book and learn something new and useful!

Looking for a cost-effective solution? Consider borrowing a book from a library near you or downloading eBooks on the internet that are available free of cost.




Why would a lazy person want to write, right?

Writing as a hobby might not seem interesting to you – but if you are someone who needs clarity, expression and control in their life, the power of writing is immense.

Plus, it is one of the most inexpensive hobbies which you can think of.

Keeping a journal, writing a short story or poetry are fun ways to spread out your specific message to the world. Don’t worry about being right or wrong – simply pen down your thoughts and express yourself.

And the best part about it doesn’t take much to get going with this fun hobby for lazy people – all you need is pen, paper and the will to write!


Cooking and Baking


While some people have a hard time being in the kitchen, there are also those who simply relish the prospect of exploring different ingredients to cook palatable dishes.

Ordering food online is easy, but what if you could cook your way to fun, excitement and creative satisfaction?

Out of the majority of the creative hobby ideas that you can think about, this one surely comes across as an obvious choice.

With a variety of recipes already available on the internet, you need not worry about turning to or scanning through the pages of a cookbook. If you aren’t sure about starting on your own, join a cooking class near you.

Jot down the important points or steps from various resources that are available on the internet and get started with this pick of the hobby ideas associated with the kitchen.


Puzzles and Crosswords


If you are lazy - solving puzzles, crosswords and practicing Sudoku can be one of the best ways to spend leisure time. Plus, it will keep your brain sharp and sound too!

Scrolling through your social feed endlessly or switching channels on television won't necessarily give you any mental benefits. 

One of the most inexpensive hobbies to try, you can start without any special skill, training or resources.

You can get a larger number of puzzles and crosswords in your daily newspaper or download an app on your smart phone.

A perfect indoor hobby for you lazy folks, innit?

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Get Artsy


If you have already accumulated the materials like pencils, paper, brushes and paint, it’s high time you tried your hand at getting artsy.

Don’t like to paint or sketch? Don’t worry – you can try Origami as a craft hobby in your free time!

If you are thinking of the benefits of learning an artsy, craftsy hobby – let us tell you there are many!

  • An artistic hobby can help you think creatively
  • An artistic hobby can give you a medium for self-expression
  • An artistic hobby can also give you a source of side-income

Hobbies like art and craft are best learned in the presence of a teacher, so we recommended getting out of your comfort zone and joining an art class near you to learn and practice.




How does e-learning sound to you as a hobby?

Chances are you may not have perceived it as a hobby before. But before you jump to a conclusion, hang on a minute.

As one of the unique hobbies for lazy people, who do not prefer to move every now and then, online learning can lend you a helping hand in mastering or upgrading yourself with new skills.

Be it a new language, a musical instrument or a career skill - you can explore the possibilities by watching online tutorials or subscribing to websites that can teach you something new every day.

Imagine gaining knowledge, wisdom and experience by simply learning online – your lazy self won’t mind this, right?


Hiking or Running


We know you’re lazy and probably not interested in any outdoor activity. 

But is that an excuse on missing out on outdoor life?

As the saying goes – “Don’t become lazy about the only life you have.

Activities such as biking, running or hiking make for the unique hobbies that can transform your mood in an instant and also improve your health.

Studies have proven that running has both physical and mental benefits that can help you adapt an active lifestyle.

If you do not own a bike, no problem, go rent it or loan it from a friend.

Plus, if you want to get out of your lazy skin, even running or jogging can be a good start.

Once you build a habit of running, hiking will come easily (and naturally) to you.

Think of it this way – your lazy self probably won’t see many places but if you could get into a habit of running, hiking or travelling , life will reward you with beautiful sights (and surprises!)


Over to You



Spending time in bed or at the couch is definitely an easy way out to pass your time.

But ask yourself – do you gain anything meaningful out of it?

Most likely, the answer will be a no!

So, stop waiting for action to happen and take control of your life today.

Put a stop to being a couch potato, turn off Netflix and say hello to creativity, wellness and fun in your life with a hobby (or two!)

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