7 Common mistakes in lead generation by Learning & Teaching Centres and Businesses

7 Common mistakes in lead generation by Learning & Teaching Centres and Businesses

  • Captain Surinder
  • 27/12/2018

7 Common Mistakes by Learning Centres & Business Owners in Lead Generation

Why do some learning centres get more students, while others struggle to find business?

Even after spending good amount of money on purchasing lead packages, carrying out pamphlet distribution or billboard advertisements, there are business owners who simply cannot get more business.

So, what is the reason behind it?

Firstly, a lot of learning centers and business owners still rely on traditional means of advertising. Honestly, times have changed and these means don't get the best results.

So, we analyzed dozens of learning centers listed on MillionCenters.com – from a Yoga Centre, to tuition classes, gyms, dance classes and even preschools.

The result? We noticed a surprising pattern!

If you are a tutor or a coach struggling to generate leads and grow your teaching business - read our list of 7 common mistakes that you must avoid.

1.  Using Landline or Fixed line phone number 

  • A very common mistake amongst established Gyms, Fitness Centers or popular Yoga centres is that they list their Landline fixed line number.


  • Your future students are not calling only during working hours, more so they prefer to connect on weekends or whenever they get a chance. Also what happens, when there is no one at desk to take landline call, most of the times, the individual forgets to check the call log on landline phone.


  • Landlines are often missing the Caller ID and have limited call logging features, Thus not having an IVR or mobile phone to collect your prospect students number, will result them in taking coaching from your competition.


2. Not using Apps to identify Customers


  • It is often better, to be able to identify an individual calling you, so that you can prepare and respond accordingly.  Imagine you are getting a call from an unknown number, and one of the caller identification app like Truecaller displays the name.


Let's say Ashish Singh flashes on your phone and you are able to respond by saying "Hello Mr.Ashish Singh, how can we help?"


  • This will also speed up the process of adding numbers to your contact list, through the app itself.


  • The whole experience will have a different impact on your prospect student or customer. They'll feel personalized and trust you easily.


3.  Not Having Call Waiting


Now who doesn't have this, on the contrary many of us, forget to get this activated from our telecom operator or simply have setting turned OFF as default on our mobile phones.

To ensure you don't miss out on potential students or customers trying to reach you, make sure to activate Call Waiting„ feature on your smart phone.


Sharing a quick help on how to turn it on an Android & Apple devices 

In Apple IOS phones

  1. Press Settings, then Press Phone then Press Call Waiting.
  2. Activate or deactivate call waiting. Press the button tabe next to "Call Waiting" to activate or deactivate it.
  3. Press Return to the Home screen.


In Android phones

  1. Press Phone app on your phone
  2. Press Options icon or tab (it is generally shown as 3 vertical dots)
  3. Then click on Settings tab once you are shown the options
  4. Find additional settings tab and click it
  5. Check Call Waiting option to activate it.


4.  Not Going Digital


Most often we hear from Tutors, Trainers and Centre Owners is that this is not for them.  As they get most students through word of mouth or through some offline campaigns like pamphlet distribution.


However, this level of marketing is achieved over years and can rarely help you grow today.


To go digital, first start with a website. You website is your online showcase of what all you teach, when do you teach and where. It's like a 24*7 virtual shop that works for you even when you are asleep.


We know it's not easy to build a website, that's why we recommend taking professional help to create a website.


If you want your visitors to have a professional feel about your learning centre or tuition business. ,


Below are the key aspects your business website must include :

  • design,
  • development,
  • content writing
  • hosting & support
  • technical management


Since you are reading this  take a helpful advice. Never rely on cheap companies that sell you websites at throw-away prices.

Remember, there's always a catch  you'll either be compromising on quality or technology (or both).

Interested to get online? Click to learn more about getting an online presence and grow your reach.


5.  Not Showcasing Skills


If you think just be being a good Yoga trainer or a well read English teacher or a black belt in Karate or some Martial Arts, you will keep getting more students. Think again.

The truth is - there are many talented and highly skilled tutors/trainers out there. Some of them might have more experience and skill than you.


Does that mean you will have to struggle to grow your teaching business?


The answer is - No.


If you play smart, you can stand outside from the crowd of tutors/trainers/teachers and take advantage of having your unique online presence.


Whether you are a teaching at home, at an institute or online , it's time to showcase your skills to the world out there.


Remember  if you don't sell, you won't grow well.


Here are few mediums to showcase your teaching/training skills online:

  • Facebook page
  • Instagram profile
  • Linkedin profile
  • Twitter


Interested to start showcasing your talent and experience to the online world?


Connect with us  and we will show you how you can leverage the power of our 65,000+ member community to get more leads for your teaching business.


6. Incorrect Email practice


It is suggested to keep personal email and work email address separate, even if you are just starting your learning center.


Common mistakes that we make about email, due to which a lot of learning/teaching centers lose out of communications or proper updates are:


  • Using personal Email id for professional work. Your centre is your professional front, having an email id like [email protected] will not impress anyone.


  • No accessing email through phone - configure email on your phone so that you are updated anytime anyone contacts you.


  • Not updating on Yellow pages or directory website- It is vital that you update your email ids on all possible directory listings like Justdial, Sulekha, Millioncenters.com, that can help you to be found online.

7.  Location Mapping


If you are not online or don't have a website - this does not apply to you.


However, if you are online, don't forget to add your location to the search engine directories like Google and Bing.


Your potential students and target audiences are searching for tutors/trainers like you on these search engines ‚ having your own location mapped will help them reach you easily.


If you are new to this, simply use tools like Google My Business to create your business listings with search engines.


Final Thoughts


The world around us is constantly evolving and changing ‚ it's time you do the same.

To grow your teaching/training business, it's always a good idea to avoid the above discussed common mistakes.

These mistakes might sound simple or trivial, but don't be fooled  the devil is in the details and that is why you must avoid these common shortcomings.

If you feel this post is valuable ‚ don't forget to share it within your community. Good advice is always appreciated!


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