7 Best Photography Blogs Every Photographer Must Follow

7 Best Photography Blogs Every Photographer Must Follow

  • Bharat Sharma
  • 20/04/2017

“A picture is worth a thousand words”

Probably the most important question for photographers is -  How to improve my clicks?

Photographers love inspiration, after all, the art of capturing the essence of a moment at the right time is what separates a great photography from a good one! An industry which is constantly evolving with the times, staying up-to-date with the latest trends as well as keeping a pulse on the newest developments in photography technology is tough.

Well, not anymore!

Whether you are a budding photographer or an established one, we present our handpicked 7 best photography blogs on the internet to keep you inspired and updated with your art. These blogs are informative as well as engaging, thus a must follow for every photographer.


#1 –Digital Photography School

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Wondering how to take better photos? Get yourself subscribed to the official blog of Digital Photography School to get latest insights and updates about shooting techniques, equipment reviews, resources and a host of free tutorials on photography, especially for beginners and enthusiasts. This website has exactly what you need to improve your photography game and get the most out of your camera!


#2 –Photography Life

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Is photography your life? If yes, then Photography Life is the place to learn everything from the latest gear to news and tutorials to capture better photographs easily. Founder and author Nasim Mansurov is an award-winning photographer who is recognized for his teaching methodologies, educational videos and exceptional techniques on photography. If you want to hone your camera skills, this blog is a must follow!


#3 –PetaPixel

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The self proclaimed “Web’s leading blog about photography” has a steady fan following in the photography circuit, thanks to its vast resource of tips, tricks, tutorials and techniques to elevate your photography skills. You can get updates about all the latest trends in digital as well as traditional photography and read in-depth reviews about photography gear and equipment easily. Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button, people!


#4 –Sprouting Photographer

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The ultimate guide to help photographersget the most out of their passion, creatively as well as monetarily, Sprouting Photographer is an all-in-one system which features photo galleries, studio management and album proofing. It helps you understand how to market your amazing photographers and learn from the experiences of renowned photographers from around the world. From useful articles to podcasts about photography, you can find them all here!


#5 –PhotoFocus

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Whether photography is a hobby or a passion for you, it never hurts to learn more about your art and improve what you love to do. An immensely resourceful blog and website for amateur as well as advanced photographers, PhotoFocus will help you transform your camera chops and help you market your amazing photographs as well. You can find tons of articles, guides, inspiration and even contests to showcase your skills and get feedback from a great community of photographers.


#6 –Photograph Mag

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If you are looking for a weekly round-up of latest reviews, updates, news and insights from the world of photography, look no further than Photograph Mag. A wonderfully curated collection of photography exhibitions and resources, you can learn about auctions, fairs and festivals related to photography here. Photograph Mag constantly interviews, covers and updates concerning the latest and the best in the world of photography.


#7 –Light Stalking

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Light is, quite possibly, the most critical element of the art of photography. If you want to improve your photography skills, Light Stalking is an amazing photography community to share your photographs, get feedback and ultimately, take better and beautiful photographs. If you are someone who wants to start their own blog, you can get expert advice and tips to get started. Subscribe to this blog and easily get the best roundup on photography from around the world in your inbox!

There you have it, the ultimate guide to click better pictures and enjoy your passion for photography. We are constantly updating this list, help us know what are your favourite photography blogs which you like to follow!

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